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i got rice crispy treat instead of poptart
major fail

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but yeah all day it didnt hurt i could just feel something happened to it, now it feels like bruised
but yeah thats lame if i did it stomping the clutch with my seat back, not like its a stiff clutch heh
like if i pull my heel to my butt it kinda hurts my kneecap
and standing on it is not awesome
it feels like when a muscle is sore/bruised, like the next day
i get a poptart and some water hopefully it doesnt explode all over the rubbery concrete staiirs
i did ride my bike today i just showed it to someone!
i rabbed

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guys i did i thing to my knee i dunno what its like i hyper extended it wtf
my kneecap is angry or something
i think this morning
seat was in a weird position when i started car maybe i did something pushing clutch all the way in to start it
because you have to smash it all the way against the firewall or car doesnt start
almost doesnt count
i found this out first hour with car, on the freeway when i stalled in stop and go traffic, that suddenly became 60mph traffic
rearview mirror = exciting

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macegr: power strip, like 6 iec cables, usb cables, meh

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all my audio toys are in a box in the back corner of my storage =(

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man this place is dead after 10pm and i dont think there is drum n bass
mace this ambient shit has like no bass
hmm good point labtop speakers
not enough syncopation
and maybe next year i wont be defecting to a newjob and i go

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anyway, that thing looks neat, but i kind of doubt they are running 20 4kW amps
english lit.
well its open space
theres nothing to absorb the sound!
honestly its prob loud i just doubt they have 85kW in amps
also those sub boxes are little, its prob Q'ee as fuck
if this drops as house im laughing and finding some porn
youtube does not stream well on 40kbit

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haha, when me and the friend were playing with them before, i had three dual 12" subs for every dual 10" plus compression driver top
not the same as one dual 12" with a pair of single 10" plus compression drivers
have yet to purchase the van
still sleeping on the beach
looking at a place in the barrio tomorrow
heh @ bad areas in SB
4.5kw per sub?
doubt it
the tops?
theyre compression driver loaded
a compression driver is like 110db/w/m
and those mids are prob a close match, a sub is maybe 90db/w/m
so yeah you need like 40x more power for the subs than the tops
i heard pasqualle does a system like that at burning man, with funktion one boxes

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wtf @ ported earbuds
whatever youre giving that company money so youre a bitch
on to next topic
i kinda rly like my galaxy nexus
my speakers survived
they says they didnt have enough bass
i agree

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