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a usb barcode scanner at work was spitting out random characters
but hardly ever
but it would do like P instead of F
like, silly barcode scanner thats a hex SN
haha yeah
scale algorithm does not subtract!
okay so i need to return truck and do laundry
back to normal life

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tekrad: this expense report is like: typical motel 6 receipts, night at montecito inn, two nights at state park campsite
kind of awesome i got in here today, i think i ran out of COMPANYPAYS! this weekend
possibly within about $20

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timecop: homeless status update
weekend: bummin it at the beach camping
monday: in newhome putting bed together
no more homeless
i got the studio on state st
people at the site next to me prob thought i was weird
show up with rental tent, crash out at night, wake up in morning, gone all day (errands and laundry in the city)
timecop: actually i feel bad i should have offered
im bit more paranoid that i should be in thos types of situations

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