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sculptor: i already saw this at maker faire this year
with whats his name from mythbusters
hes a standup and sketch comedian
hes supposed to be a crap actor
but they all had really funny moments
very little

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no the little cans of tip tinner

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sinisterl: not sure about that
i think it is tho, basically flux/solder/solvents
theres ammonia in most, im pretty sure, thats the dominant odor

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funklord: for automotive, big ones

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kevtris: it keeps the parallel batteries from bleeding into each other

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theres like 10 its ugly
im like, there are pokey things and tar in the sand and there is like 10 oil rigs within view
but its affordable and by the beach

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but its where state st goes from ultra local commercial culture section to super residential
and he moved out
if i didnt get this place was going to look for a two bedroom place with him
and haha @ workaholic, thats like super true and not at all
i gotta go by work and get my bike
driving in this city sucks
bike is the way to go, im just under 2mi from work

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and it sploded?
`nico: well what is it switching at?
with diff timing bits or with bigger magnetics?
killed the bom
hey maybe its some fancy timing one
er fancy expensive one
im going to go back to sleep
`nico: i finally got a newhome \o/
do you know the area at all?

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fuck tormach is cheaper than i thought
i stopped believing myself when i was telling people its a mill and a lathe and all of tooling to make it useful for $20k

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i like how they freak out in sequence the first time they all go in the water

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mfkr sculptor
have you ever used a tormach?
i didnt click because so used to being on shit or expensive mobile interweb
heheh cool

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funklord: maybe, or maybe theres something else wrong with it
they usually dont redesign shit for kicks

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