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people have pickup trucks

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you live off whats left if shit gets thats bad and you cant work for supplies somehow
guns prob as important as ammo, theyll wear out fast
well yeah probably most places, look harder

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mil just shooting anyone outside past 6pm
yeah finally
i got like half the boxes i want out of storage
got internet last friday
fuck yeah
this is one of the few large audio companies ascending, financially
like my stock options might actually be useful at this place
also working with some really smart people, acoustics department is pretty big and well funded
if martial law is the shit that goes down, looking mil will get your jumped
snipers and shit
goal = gtfo, hide, defend, listen
living off the land basically means ditching all machinery
well, shit thats gonna give your precense away and suck up all your time and energy

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tekrad: haha, not factory?
yeah thats pretty tasteful
there will be more gas on the road than diesel
after shit goes down
and yeah, a dual sport or dirt bike would be the best thing
outrun a tsunami on one of those
get away from packs of soldiers easy
bullshit theyll take your truck
seriously theyll take the truck or the gas
depending on how fucked up it is after they shoot you up
guns everywhere
no one trusting anyone

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stickers = abused
haha @ TRD on a GTI
in trucks on the road
when you push them out of the way
and youre a burner, you just dont know it
devaluation of currency is going to put the country back on its feet
when our minimum wage makes it a good idea for foreign countries to make their products here, well get manufacturing back
then slowly well work our way out of being a bitch service economy
jerking ourselves off for money

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so i biked to the beach and back and then around the neighborhood
morning cummute = super easy
commute home = decent workout
dont think so, they never come out very good on my phone
multiply that times 3
and thats what the coast looks like
well LA isnt like that

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i guess some change color accordng to temp?
thats actually super neat

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else seems would just add even more latency
blackmoon: yeah so if it takes to long to ignite a fuckton of cold water just passed through it
blackmoon: i had an electric no tank heater installed in the sink at one apartment
shit warmed up in about 2 seconds
was neat
they dont do the spray/pulse/droop thing
youd be surprised how many products rely on chinese safety labs
also that they tend to be more strict about the rules than the local consultants =\ =\
prob a little turbine
if you have hard water prob stops working after a few months

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guys im cooking with fire
like its 1997
haha total cheap bitch: run hydroelectric generator off the free water
someone complained about level of music my first saturday
it took 3 years at explace!
you did $^2
rab: cool
well if the heater was way overkill and regulated, could work

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you hold two wires next to each other

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thats basically what it is

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sinisterl: you gotta get more 3d/deadbug with your protoboards

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