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oh fuck
maybe i just had to turn the faders up in the soundcard mixer utility
its like 9:30 and i want to go back to work
because at thge beginning i remember right clicking seeing that and being like oh fuck this im going to fix the license problem

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good idea ill think of a place to drive off these complaining neighbors immediately

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so i need to get good headphones i guess
wait i have decent headphones
i need to rescue my box of musical stuff from storage

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ha, neat i just met the guy who got the apartment i wanted, ME
does fluids stuff
maybe i was hanging out with his neighbors doing semi legal things
because shared balcony
haha when i was looking at that apartment, i walk out on to the balcony and i hear music coming from next door
thinking OH THEY WONT COMPLAIN (the people upstairs from the apt i got complained once)
so yeah i hung out with my almost neighbors

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