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but i dont think they should be in the same area as little kids
def not alone
like, stupid thing and stupider thing, sometimes cute shit goes down
sometimes its a trip to the hospital
even something like a golden retriever will go nuts if it thinks your trying to hurt its owner
little dogs are about as dangerous as cats, tho
prob less dangerous
why do ants hate cinnamon so much!?

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blackmoon: no im kinda serious
just takes one
how many modern households *dont* have a mirror?
is the monkey smoking weed or something?
in china astrology im a monkey =\
blackmoon: like one day all the mirror will be broken
and all the cats will be pissed
all at once
no i dont want to be responsible for one of those things
its like a 3 year old capable of taking down an average person
sometimes its just going to get confused
i think its a good idea for girls to have big dogs
people dont fuck with girls with big happy dogs attached to them

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then they ignore it forever
'fuck that cat'
its prob how we domesticated cats

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new stuff at least they turn the stomp drum down and put some synth bass shit in there
dont think so
god work is kinda musically chaotic
because spend a lot of time walking between diff areas, and theres prob like 4 or 5 diff radio streams
k bookmarking

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there are deadmouse posters everywhere at work
tho dead mouse signed feed me and feed me is really spor, and i like spor
so dorkmau5 is okay
im just not into house
drum and bass
not drum is bass
but that almost means i dont like it
i like drum n bass, because i can listen to it for like 6 hours
and enjoy myself
cant do that with prog house or dubstep\\
rab: rly crash spins so often its like, you go and come back hes still there
who knows how long hes been spinning
heh, i still listen to one of his sets from like 7 years ago pretty often
four to the floor, snare the even beats
drum is bass

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but yeah its like, kids and old people here, everyone else its sorta like being in limbo
so of all the ant remedies i read about
freaking them out with cinnamon seems pretty effective, low impact
rab: isla vista is like a holding tank for SB college kids
so yeah you have like, normala amount of little kids
then huge amount of late teens, early 20s types
honestly i almost want to find a bar and just give them money to play music to myself
guy at work is like, well the eway it works is dj will play a few hard, fast tracks
then they gotta switch it up real quick so the people come back
most likely

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nothing they were in her little collective home place
i guess they are new plastic rockets
so obviously at some point things will be pulled out of my head
if i am lucky? =\
so yeah when i was researching this total complete lack of decent bass music in this area, im pretty sure i saw security guys company name few times
so possibly he actually has funds

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ha she knows about live sound gear and monitor speakers and the diff between the stepdub and dnb
rab: obviously going back, view is amazing and they let you chill in the back and toke
rode up it is awesome, lots of twisties, too many bikes tho
but yeah security guy does parties in isla vista looking to drop money on sound things theyre like WAIT YOU CAN HELP
haha when im in there checking out jars, i look over to her sad little pc speakers and comment and shes like I KNOW I MISS MY KRKS so convo just kinda happens by itself after that

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rab: haruko is living in a medical cannabis collective up in the hills behind SB

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