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i dont seem to be getting my non-mmoving related expense payments
which means i make more net than i thought
and i have free money happening at some point
use LTspice

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maybe running the segs a bit hot
but not much
well, resistor two low, but it depends if its one red led or two red led per segment
one red im guessing itll run around 30mA, two LED it prob runs like 10mA
with LEDs and digital voltages, indoors, just using a 1K resistor is pretty safe
wont be super bright but itll be visible enough
if you want more power you can parallel two
and that should be enough information to keep you busy for a week figuring out

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timecop: kind of but it seems to be reserved for underpaid vietnamese techs
and compliance certification is the real scam
safety and electromagnetic
just isnt really necessary for most applications
the gear is neat
but its prob 5-20x cost of normal gear does the same shit
ya, works

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synth: pistonphone
synth: expensive and often overpriced
because they dont do anything
turn it on, take some measurement, turn it off, sign a paper, charge you $1000

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you basically plug the mic into a calibrated tone generator
they prob characterize the mic with a similar setup, but wide freq output driver
rab: make
i kind of want one for sampling
haha ya srs

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in development, anechoic chambers and gated measurements, or near field measurements
in production, usually gated measurements in small semi-anechoic boxes
measurement mics
with measurement preamps
its measured
you get a plot of the response with the microphone
why are you using windows 8
prob pistophone like devices
synth: its flat for most of the spectrum
something like that

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you know, put ferrite in, magnets come out
for speakers
like, flip switch, whole buildings lights dim
yeah, im a chemist
one of the acoustic engineers has a pacemaker!
synth: never
yeah 150C is pretty normal for audio PSU
thats run at max spec ripple
to the lesson is, buy with headroom
well dont run it at 150C
and dont run it at max ripple
you just want super low ESR, high temp caps
if not, just do a farm of ceramic
wtf is hopefully
just get 150C caps, the highest ripple you can afford
freq response of what
in what environment

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prob with flux if the Al has *ever* seen air
you can wash pillows?
fuck fluffy
its all about squishy
5lb mem foam pillows ftw
yeah that sounds right
synth: pretty much all the aluminum youve ever seen was oxidized
so yeah you have to get the oxidized layer thats already there off
i want to make a cap bank for spot welding
be like that dude makes his own tubes
rab: were getting a magnetizer at work, heh
a magnetizer

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i got an atari 7800 in 1986 instead of a NES
i thinkit was very good for me

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which i think means new product introduction

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but you can get pairs if new woofers for $200 and pairs of tweeters for $200
and its a sealed system
so easy to just copy design
`nico: what does it do after launch
no i meant what kind of device
heh our sustaining guys are in the dev lab, get involved during late development work
because, ya, becomes their problem heh
`nico: last two jabs have called them NPI

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`nico: mfkr
also hi
also will be in bay area early next week
seminar for automated acoustic measurement software
`nico: i guess we book through some expense portal and get deals
also my company card shows up this week
haha at exjob, everytime it was brought up, everyone like YA GOOD IDEA goes nowhere
for two years
release for what
also i decided im going to make NS10Ms
because used sets are like $500+

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oh shit he broke the sound barrier
crazy fucker

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