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no one

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bird seems to be handling it well
note that not darted bird has same anxiety mess look

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oh man chijuajua killed it

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ST pwnt natsemi at chimpamps
they basically handle audio up to 100W with their AB shit
and for class-D, its like ST vs TI vs IR
omg i got the weed on the floor !
rab: neat
haha their was a jugallo pussy
whatever STFU

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sup mfkr mfkr
pro shit
mega amateur
ya i c
ive been making a lecan box so test engineers can feed 500V to 120V product
its got variac and i made a thing that shuts the party down when you open the lid
our speakers run lunix!
i dunno boss asked for it
surely i will have to teach them all how to bypass it with a rubber band

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mfkr channel
i found live blues
also two different work people bought me like 5 diff beers
def need to work on being more antisocial
or else this chill out save money plan wont work
smoke weed everyday
that is all, carry on
timecop: quebec is a weird place
but i miss the hydromel and that ass
tho i respect that i went home to finish school
maybe in my next life

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