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fibferglass isnt carcinogenic yet!

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you dont want to end up poor and homeless like me
that shit is old, i got an lcd monitor now

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you should should go

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`nico: santa clara, i guess
someone else booked shit
figure it out monday
its like $300 for the part to fix my car
i have have seen them like 3 or four times

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`nico: will be around monday, tuesday, and wednesday nights
macegr: also ^
in santa clara during the day
tuesday night going to SF for drum n bass

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do not

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yeah but were the good guys
but actually where i live now doesnt really have weather
like 50-80F 95% of the time

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dssence: if those numbers are for like 20A and youre measuring at 10mA, and also your DMM sucks a little bit, then your numbers totally make sense

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