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`nico: hi2u

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haha wtf @ lincoln vs zombies

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ha when netflix switched to new billing they seemed to have forgotten about the portishead dvd i rented like 6 years ago

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pretty much all UI related
its smoother, widgets move out of the way
humans are 1500W devices

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was a huge improvement going from ics to jb tho

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at the beach, no clouds
more than 4 hours
it was cool as an external battery but i was worried i would break a solar cell throwing it in a compartment in my car
longcat: do youjust run the oem samsung rom?
yeah i didnt want that
i use cyanogenmod, works fine, doesnt fuck up, i like the notification drawer quick settings thing

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longcat: have you used any other ezopower stuff?
was thinking of getting an external battery charger and they have lots
i like my otterbox thing i cant get a fat battery
i got one from REI and had it charging in the sun pointed how they said in the manual
and it didnt raise the battery indicator level at all
and it wasnt a cheap one, had three cells like the size of the palm of your hand
like 5 hours, 4 level indicator

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longcat: s3 is almost the same phone
i got the nexus because cheaper and also will prob be supported longer
i jellybeaned it the first couple weeks, been awesome
kinda big for a keychain?

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would just get a nexus 7?
my galaxy nexus is super awesome

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where is mr rab

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