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theres a ralphs here with an old lady i really dont like
everything else is closed at 9

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heh at moms in the next ~ dir over
mom setting all your files 444
fuck im out of water

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mmmm stouffers chicken pot pie
maybe obama is napping
tell hime about your vodka taco victory cocktail
your mommy tracks your twitter?
thats neat, my mom is still figuring out yahoo mail

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$5 on a glock to the temple
man his sincerity act makes me want to slap him
its way worse than when obama does his bubba clinton accent
i dont know why people all racist, obama isnt even black enough to pull off talking like bill clinton

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all pacific state have mountains

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no shops in this city
delivery from random people is more shady than deliver from hookup buddies =\
ohh you prob gotta wait until tomorrow then
fuck i got the rest of the boxes out of my storage
apartment is like an obstacle course
i like the gobama
clorado doesnt have a beach

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hi cat?
did anyone vote for roseanne barr?
holy fuck she got old
macegr: did you see san jose weed shop painting?
sounds crappy, smoke some weed
buy some, that shop is like 10m from you

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just anticipation

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yeah im waiting for some sort of nervous breakdown
or for some congressman to beat the shit out of him
because kevtris

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macegr: http://i.imgur.com/oHoWY.jpg
because i seen three times in that shop and i leave i feel like an idiot for not getting it
last time i didn't buy it was right beforte your maker faire party
`nico: sup

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