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meh rockets

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oh so this is better than piss, basically
yeah but anonymous says its way more efficient than gas rockets
per mass of whatever fuel

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your story just went from awesome to goofy
so it was more like a bus
well iunno, call it a rocket or a bus
electric bus or rocket
heh, electric rocket
spacex should figure that out
video link
is this some space propulsion shit
you could propel yourself with piss in space
anonymous takes down ion thruster

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they can prob make burning man spaceship with like 10% of engineering resources in 4 hours now?
no panties?
wtf is nearly
so who cares
was she drunk?
at burning man?

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oh i thought there was an and then
so yeah, its entertainment
the diff is most electronic musicians arent famous at all?
yeah and skrillex is pretty much that level of pop
to an 11 year old, there is him, then deadmau5 and bassnectar
timecop: newjob
nico doesnt work on cars he does some killer robot OCP shit
fuck that bee why is this gif still happening

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but probably i just buy a DJM-whatever
because resale, and it somehow ends up increasing the value of my turntables
well whatever, everybody and their breakdancing grandma aint gonna buy tht from you
hes a little guy
thats nothing new
ive heard from a couple people he is actually a pretty nice guy
entertainment is kinda different ratio!

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wtf is PD
and you do all sequencing in python?
look man
i want to go buy some shit plug it in press buttons that light shit up on screen and make it happen on my speakers AT THE SAME TIME
macegr: =O
macegr: STFU
hey i dont even have a mixer
nico can work the spinnies
what is it
well if you find out i can maybe buy it

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timecop: too late mfkr
i dont work for that taco stand no more
i got mine
technically i got two
my friend got the key and i use the net pass
tho i prob get the key back since 100 miles away now
because theyre not as good

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o hi

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