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yeah thats mini usb
its hard on them because the plug is sooo much bigger than the connector
but it doesnt seem as bad as miniusb
miniusb broke of *everything*
tho maybe all usb connectors or footprints got better, my newer miniusb stuff doesnt seem to just snap off anymore
i think inside the latches mostly push out of the way against a flat surface
yeah it clicks
i think its nice

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timecop: never
because whole point is low profile
i think theyre about the same width as mini usb
well they key it like trapezoid style
but its so small you cant feel it, hard to feel it on dsubs
but the spikes are awesome
blackmoon: yeah usb they just put the plastic blocker
i bet in the spec its called stupid user bumper
blackmoon: microusb is like every new phone that isnt an iphone
it has these latch barbs on the bottom
it hasnt happened on my gnex yet

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macegr: microusb is pretty neat
tactile spiky side, flat side
almost completely eliminates the sub 50% okay usb hookup voodoo

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