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hmm, they dont have 18" staineless, just carbon

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14-inch stir-fry pan made of 18/10 stainless steel with encapsulated aluminum core
its probably better in terms of performance, im sure its easier and cheaper to manufacture
but fuck that my wok shouldnt be capable of like, delaminating
Magnetic Stainless Exterior
Cheap Ass Potmetal Stainless Exterior
and thats the $180 one

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that multi ply stuff weirds me out
sometimes its like steel-copper-steel
but i seen stuff i think it was just layered steel
prob easier to stomp into shape
cuisinart prob still has a customer service department
yeah fuck that
i think thats what most of the $15 stuff is

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i hate this nonstick bullshit
i have stainless pots, nothing sticks to them
stuff sticks to the nonstick
and you cant scrape it off because it takes the nonstick off
tho the nonstick comes off by itself after a couple years anyway
good stuff it just takes way longer
like i remember having the same non stick pans from like 5 to 20
yeah i want a wok too
a stainless one, theyre hard to find online
i know there are restaurant supply places that have them tho because i see them lots
yeah seen that
seems too cheap
prob superchina stainless, gets rust dots after a few months

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you made a config file?
you make it popup a selection box?
like, a real programmer who isnt starving?
i want a stainless pan

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wtf 2 hours
you can be middle of nowwhere central valley or coast
threres a guy on a mountain with usb sticks in santa cruz?
man this shit is too stoned

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`nico: NES sounds with reason appregiator!
rab: im going to buy NS10 replacement drivers and make my own cabs
because im all worried about spending $500 on a used pair
because who knows what the knob twisters did to them
but i can get new replacement woofer and tweeters for $400
and i might not get the tweeters
because im not so interested in the harsh clarity part of the legend (lots of really good fabric dome tweeters at work, anyway)
as much as the low mass, low latency sealed woofer thing
which is cake
because i have all this 1" acrylic plate it seems like im never going to do anything with...

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rab: omg did i tell you my new speaker project idea?
`nico: hihi

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diode, 10w resistor, done

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