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feer chicks with laser canons in space
kbbl back to werq

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and noted that they would be useful the same way in the listening rooms
so were getting a pair of them
totally curious what they do with DSP
when its setup, if people like them i push to get a sub
i think maybe they dont even like them, tho
tho maybe listening far field, they turn em up enough the raise the THD to something they are more familiar with
the acoustic guys are down tho
mmm, fuck yeah live 2 wicky
sh10151 this the serial number of our orbital gun
sh10151 you better be sure before you leave me for another one... you can hurt me...

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haha ya
yeah they dont even have lofi pcb speakers at digikey
rab: doing measurements on competitive products at work, and they wanted something badass as kind of a control
so were getting the new dsp 6.5" genelecs

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i preferred the $20 skull candy buds
bit more of that full, distorted sound, but way better low end
and damn those things got cheap
know if molex has done any other audio stuff since/
maybe theyre trying to get into consumer electronic design
or they been doing it as contract work for other companies, shrug
they prob got the manufacturing connections to do it well, they def have distribution smarts
yeah but they can be playing it like a chinese CM
design and build it, let the american companies name it and market it, do the firmware details

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i dont like them
if i remember correct, there was a lot of mid boost and i was hearing a ton of stuff i wouldnt normally associate with the source tracks
they didnt seem to distort, they just made shit sound bad
they didnt have that saturated sound i normally associate with midboost, they sounded clear enough
listen to trip hop often enough i guess
listening to hooverphonic now but this new shit doesnt really sound trip hoppy
diff girl im pretty sure
<3 portishead
this is music for when i think im going to fuck (its worked more often than not!)
rab: yeah they were bad, i just didnt like the voicing

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