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thats a metric unit

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mint is neat

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(rly i dont even know what ms money is)

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heh @ hex editing to update software
i hates it

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monoprice cables arent so bad

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i wouldnt know

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do a kickstarter for lawyer fees to sue them
because totally diff style frame
kapton wraparounds
with 3m adhesive temples
or leds behind standard lenses
speaking of lenses
ebay guy said in november italian lens factory would be off vacation
so hopefully i can get new rayban new wayfarer lenses
its so sad my glasses are all, big hole

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so keep the fresh sub 100Hz and its prob fine
it hould if theyre not idiots
read the rail to rail characteristics of the amp datasheet
it might be wonky at low and high ranges
aside from that, simepl lab hack shit
looks like a .010R sense reistor

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yeah thats neat
wonder how many layers
maybe d latches
some tiny logic shit
so basically shit is a distributed shift reg
better update fast
you could bitbang that shit in under 1ms

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but i think its going to be at least $5 if you have to do both sides
for cables and connectors
but its super clean looking
it actually adds to the apeal, where as almost every other solution will be something you want to to hide
you can get those in 1mm/0.05 spacing im pretty sure
get known brand fpc latch connectors
you can prob get superchina cables without so much drama
macegr: ask chinapcb about capton flex pcb
maybe you can think of something you can do with that
possible without connectors

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but once theyre clicked in correct they seem pretty good about staying that way
you can hit them with tiny dot of hot glue but itll be ugly
mostly i think its an issue with insersion and disassembly
they seem okay once latched, the slide and the lever latches
jst wire to board stake headers?
again, need decent pcba
a bad machine and all the strain relief on the crimps eats through the insulation and eventually they break
fpc with latching connectors on both sides is prob best solution
like, least drama, but $$$
as opposed to click in kind?
does the cable go on the inside or outside
you dont need 2"

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went to pnp?
yeah even logic shit doesnt do that awesome under 5v
lots of traces?
how did you end up doing the hinges?
just minor bug fixes
flat cables with latching connectors
its maybe a BOMfuck tho
flat or idc style?
yeah you need decent pcba =\
and yeah do flex
no just price on the little latching connectors
vs something ghetto
theyre really fragile too

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vref on an opamp on a fet?
w/ filtering?
i guess its special because they put an RC LPF in between the vref and opamp
ha, 10k and 100uF
loaded by the input
my guess is the shit is BJT input like a 5532 to get noise performance like that, high bias current
haha @ simplified diagram of the circuit, its basically the same circuit
well yeah, saturating = dont blow up the diode
fets is like, you want how much voltage? how fast? and that much energy wtf?
for what part?

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ya along with the noise
opamp stages are noisy
right it sounds like he just figured out diff amp
and wtf is 1,000,000?
thats like 120dB
if you had 120dB of common mode noise
compared to your noise floor
and didnt clip
i guess thats true
would require a badass but not unreal noisefloor
like ~10uV
break 100mph, rates go up 10%
wtf is that shit

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its a flir camera and he just needs a still off of it
commenters are overcomplicating, can prob do it over usb rs232
arduino=microcontroller to non hw techies
compared to what

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macegr: that sounds good
my pasta sauces usually have kind of a smokey flavor
after cooking the mean i usually set the fire to max and kinda sear the meat
youll get bored after the second blog post even tho theres like two million tarduino writeups
what youre going to get some pumpers on it?
i think im going to take a nap for a few hours then do laundry

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