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macegr: against whites in favor of pink?
that might be a hard sell

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man you know shit is going wrong when i start reason instead of starting laundry
some of the laundry places around here will do your laundry and fold it for like some price per lb

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and i have heard this fucked by a horse often
do you mean in russian?
you wonder if this is brought up on the regular at boeing
or never ever ever at all

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hehe anfd the kid throwing himself on the hood of the stopped car
thats funny the only person i know runs a dashcam is ukranian

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i have mad quarters now
only excuse now is just defiance

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i had displays like that
dunno what happened to them, gorgeous displays
rab: holy wtf that is not safe

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seriously i dont care about the whole thing
just the little shared bits at the edges

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city water bad
i dont give a fuck if its 'safe' it never tastes good
they take a long time
and no its not just the chlorine
but yeah i can smell it now
well thats the thing, sometimes i want water
not a maintenance project
no i use tap for the bong
and for boiling foods ill use tap a lot
along with tons of other tasty little molecules

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omg tasty corn is tasty
i left my water at whole foods =(
omg theyre open until 10pm!
hopefully i left them at the checkout and not sitting in the parking lot =\

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When a 12v battery is attached to the charger this spikes will go down to around 13-14 volts
how come he doesnt show a scope image of that!?

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omg he put 160V on the battery
and like, showed peoples
the scope image

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who decides this shit
where is the master thanksgiving algorithm stored
i think you win this one
so like
i dont have to go to work on thursday?
and maybe even friday?

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i guess they didnt 'send them'
they shared a gmail and left messages in the draft folder
some spy vs spy shit
wait you made that up
what i dunno
remember that scene in apocolypse now where sheen was all drunk before leaving for his mission?
imagine if he had a cell phone and could text
guys how does thanksgiving work
i thought it was the last thursday of november
but the 29th is the last thursday

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hopefully it is a different bp
However, Petraeus continued to pursue her, sending her thousands of emails over the last several months,
damn yo, when was he doing work?

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republicans didnt like romney
no one likes romney
like, you cant layoff citizens willard
anyway seriously who fucking cares
the leader of the cia that the cia didnt really like fucked around and got caught and resigned
file this under, military leaders still have dicks
and single middle aged women flirt with power men
this is ground breaking shit
haha yeah that was good
hey did you know BP makes bottled water?

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they lied to powell!
poor powell
he would have been a badass president
well he did it because it was his job
that whole cabinet was on drugs

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a coworkers gf is on a team that samples toxic stuff at santa susana research
yeah but someone gotta do it, and it lives in one of my fav areas in the world
so im like 1000 thank yous

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what do you mean no
pretty sure if you run known compounds through the machine you can reference against data from other machines
science aint easy, yo

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wtf @ acid neutralized coffee
fuck i have no water
and no way to connect my RO filter to the faucets
guys i dont want to do laundry
well you have a computer and it has profiles for known substances and you compare

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^ kind dictator material
yeah wow this will be the first gen of kids prob exposed to more synthesized music than recorded music
you think we got probs now

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you think you are unique?
so did you destroy the people also making led shades?
its been like, days
haha @ candy binge
somehow the airbrush captures the lumpiness of the fake tits perfectly
she got boxxy eye makeup
shes prob going to be a senator or something

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why am i watching this moon
3:30 totally reminds me of little mac and his trainer jogging in punch out
yes this is good. more awesome fureal

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omg haha @ topic

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