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verizon is broken

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macegr: did you run your whole eagle dir from dropbox?
or just the projects dir

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im totally gonna be late for grandmas

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also i think im going to buy a schurter/cliff style jack for my guitar
it has this switchcraft one, just one terminal that presses onto the tip of the connector
and that is supposed to hold the sleeve against the threaded cylinder the plug slides into
so its not working and i think sometimes it gets pushed into the center and stops making contact
i could prob deoxit the thing
but thats retarded thats not a contact thats just a hole
yeah because i dont want it at home and right now its in friends garage like 100 miles away
and boss said we can just stick it in the corner of the wood shop
its easy to break down and clean and adjust, so getting wood dust on it has never been too big a deal
sculptor: nice

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because superchina toslink, prob for a couple years now
think this weekend i move cnc to newjob

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rifht but if you just search places for toslink nothing much pops up
luckily work has both ends
so i prob blow a bunch of money building this
then i try same thing with work type parts
for decoders and dacs, and see if it makes a diff
almost $30 just for the three main IC
because superchina toslink is common now, because its normal tv connector
because it was just a weird jack on receivers no one used
so prob their shit isnt competitive in terms of price
tho yeah, jacks dont feel the same
and plugs, they dont click in to place or hold the same at all from one comination to the next

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its a dual pot, im sure
theres no simple way to search for dual gang pots
rab: its prob mostly about grounding, in general
but yeah, power donuts always help
bourns will have a spec sheets for like 10 diff types of pots
toslink jaacks seem like a bitch to find
older app notes spec a toshiba part, obsolete, way expensive
i could gank from work but id rather have something with a name i recognize

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$20 for a pot and they cant even put the right pic

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and i kind of consider sublimes doin time a cover

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then another guitar comes in with fuzz distortion and kinda goes nuts, almost sounds punk/metal/sabbath
wiki says its poem from the author of porgy and bess, which i guess it was written for
no idea

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There are over 25,000 recordings of "Summertime"
i guess thats why its hard to find the version im thinking of =\
i really, really <3 the janis w/ big bro and the holding company version
thats prob my second fav
one with ella fitzgeral and louis armstrong
but yeah the big brother version, there is like a this very late 60s guitar solo, clean blues thing

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