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eagle undo history = all the way

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ttmustang: neat, kinda

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but fun project to finish it up would be a little PSU goes underneath, with pcb toroid and fuckton of parallel FC or FM caps
then have two cables coming out would plug into the main unit
prob machine some smaller endcaps w/ feet out of aluminum
im calling back to make sure they know i want it well done

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honestly unless it was for a long signal chain with like 10 stages, opa2134/ne5532 is fine
half the cost
anyway, this shit has to fit in a 4x3 box along with two 9v batteries
and jacks and switches and pots
fuck dip wtf
i dont want switchers
or internal battery chargers
pretty much the only thing that should be generating any noise is the digital audio streams and clocks
also you can power it with a pair of wall warts

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you see it on old shit, consumer and pro
44V, neat
thats prob abs max rating
LF411A are like that, pretty sure
wow thats low noise
and thats for audiophile/fool hacker shit
you dont open up pro shit for no reason
pretty much everything passes EMC
which means ESD wont kill it
which means opamps wont die
anyway thats a rad opamp, half the nV/sqrt(hz) input noise of a ne5532
and less than half the THD of a opa2134

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amazon is like 20000 different places
i need pizza
timecop: yeah why does ever story about shady internets involve amazon hosting?
so i was up till 9am doing pcb
yay life
naw then i fell asleep
this is fureal mixed analog digital shit
its like writing music you dont just do it all at once
anyway, routing SMD opamp shit is way fun
are you from 1982
pro audio havent been servicable like that since then
also fuck socket reliability issues

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