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tiny mute relays for a 9v battery powered device
like, 5mA coil current
i dont think i will be happy with search results

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that guy was seriously annoying

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o damn weather.com says we are about to be slammed by dark green rain
wow like 2 hours of it
fuck driving to la

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this thing doesnt just figure out its sampling rate mode from the input clock
hmm so i can get this 96KHz flag to select between 44khz, 48khz and 88khz, 96khz
then i guess for 192khz i would need a switch

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dx^: heh
your job is to make the patent clerk give up and go fuckit it must make sense

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yeah i think they have to teach you like, this beep good
this beep, youre fired

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i need ginger
mfkr dx
dx^: do you know about newjob?
you know how you were always like DO YOU MAKE AT LEAST THIS MANY MONEY
k so now, yes
meh, hobbyist version of eagle you have to buy all three

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