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you got a laser cutter?
timecop: ur phones battery supply chain = fukd
like that everywhere?
aaccessory business is all about ridiculous markup, shrug

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borgore did a show here
you gotta be like 14 to be super into it

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but yeah i think pizza is the way to go

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i <3 oregano
ill use it instead of cilantro in mexican
which is actually authentic, you can get oregano in any mexican market, its on lots of dishes
mexican is pretty much italian with more peppers and less tomatoes
comice: interesting
well next weekend i think im going to cook fried rice
like, almond beef fried rice or something
yeah if i used diced tomatoes instead of marinara sauce this would have been badass chili
so pizza
i have little pita flatbreads
whatever fuckit i need cheese anyway i get crust
is there like a trader joes variation of boboli?
im into nyc thin stuff
like im way into matzo pizza
i dont like english muffins
but i do same thing on sesame bagels sometimes omg

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guys im bored of pasta and awesome sauce
what else can i do with awesome sauce that isnt lasagna
i have like 3 or 4 tuppers lefts
each one is like two big servings
dont say different shaped pasta
spicy mushroom italian sausage marinara
baby bella mushrooms, garlic, shallots, ginger, cayenne flake, sausage, 4 jars of classico spicy pepper marinara
spiked with mad oregano and half as much basil
because lasagna is mad work
and timing is wrong i cant do lsagna until the weekend or there will be doomage
and by then awesome sauce should be depleted
amatus: bitch if you arent helping we dont care
dont get bant

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stupid rockit sub sucked up a food wrapper
like, stupid sub you have one woofer, you cant be rockin it this loud and be blown

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and yeah, change log has bunch of notes about how they changed it, with references to idiot windows users and their stupid preferences
they basically said a cut command does not make sense in a backwards annotating EDA app
which i think is bullshit i think they just need to handle preservation of ref des in the clipboard, some sort of popup dialog
if you cut shit, it should hold on to its ref des, and delete the copied parts
copy should create new ref des

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mfkr cadsoft changed cut/copy/paste after i spent years getting used to it
now it kind of seems normal
they removed cut from the UI because it confuses to many people
and copy actually copies thing to a clipboard
like cut did
cut is still available from the command line, but im kind of confused honestly
i was half asleep dicking with it and couldnt get consistent behavior

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