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thats wont work
makerbot cant make a speaker
not a good one at least

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because if all the processing is done in the pc, and its plotter code in the first place, the drive for the laser prob isnt too much more complex
so maybe some serial comm port you can look for packets for really simple programs
someone at work wants to get a combo lathe/mill/drill
im like, nooooooooo
im probably going to be using that more than anyone else too if we get it
so i convince them to get a decent benchtop lath, im brining my mill into the shop at work anyway

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i wonder what it feeds the laser
how is it connected to the laser?
thats neat but maybe not so easy to hack
lots of stuff is just serial
im pretty much okay with anything that isnt firewire
usb goes straight to the dsp?

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kevtris: its gcode or some random shit?
isnt that printer shit?
kinda same thing
every machine is diff like that
its possible the thing is resource starved too
but probably just not enough time
toolpath display is cool
well least it sounds like it scans the file before running it

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reza____: look at the plots of impedance versus frequency
so they will be rated like 100R at 100MHz or whatever
but they have diff impedance vs frequency plot shapes, if youre having a prob with vertain specific interference, make sure it has decent impedance at that band
if you just want general emi and esd immunity, get something that looks fairly flat, wide (relatively speaking)

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kevtris: nice
kevtris: what are you using for CAD?

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