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sculptor: got a free 88 weighted key 8 zone controller working
fatar studio 2001, old thing, early 90s
had to solder in new mem battery, then figure out stupid UI
since no presets, had to figure out how to patch zones to midi outs
and took forever to figure out you had to name the fucking midi output for it to show up as a zone destination
backlight was kinda toast
so i clipped the wires from the transformer to the backlight, because it buzzed
now it buzzes less
so im prob going to either remove the transformer or the driver IC
see if i can LED backlight
had to go buy a usb midi device, but i wanted one of those anyway

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i hate that
tho usually they would give notice, and i would go, oh fuck that sucks, then forget

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fuck metal, that shit is gorgeous
its for that
i want to screw it into that
ferrofluid, most likely
so it magnetically and thermally couples the coice coil to the motor
voice coil
its neat it gets stuck in the gap
well, it can but possibly this just helps the situation
tweeters are usually way hotter than they need to be
heh neat

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because two targetted each other
and one wasnt quick enough

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pheonix cannons
er, no phallanx?
but yeah its a radar dome on top of a gatling gun on top of a 2 axis swivel mount
and they basically stream rounds at target
if it decides you are a target, youre fucked because hitting a plane is easy
prob get sliced in half by 30 rounds
thing is trying to hit missiles, heh
pc: missile go faster usually
jets would go faster except it would kill pilots
yeah, so if it targets a plane, plane is fucked

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i feed the speakers a hex string on the speakers web server
the telnet in and root it
then adjust eq, crossovers and protection on a website
on the speakers
one day im going to wake up and still be working at my exjob, newjob is way to neat
well, like you can buy this at target
im not making this up
like i just turned off all the protection on the sub, heh
by clicking shit in chrome

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dx^: mfkr

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