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like the one on the bottom

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holy fuck
free 20 year old 88 key controller has aftertouch, too

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he has a 936 he just needs a big tip
they dont know, maybe he was going to use mirrors
or fiber optics
yeah messy wtf

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same 10b thing?
yeah it wasnt audio spec
its slower than that

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subs are two of those
so hes going to desolder them for you?
youre a lazy troll
god they are porting arduino?

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shes prob rated to -5C or some shit
bigass speakers and subs
you need them, like 4 channels worth
you give me money or ship me parts and ill build it
well theyll be sealed and made of inch plywood
how much do they want to spend?
JBL is chinese
harmon is dying
tell them to get this shit
omg like harmon doesnt have 20 people just to facebook and twit
timecop stop being a troll, this is srs business
tell them to get that shit

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you know i was going to talk shit, but remembering most korean music, i would have maybe turned out the same
dunno, most the ops pay their rent doing electronic shit
i do 0201 rework, and im not even a chinese farmgirl
its so cold
!weather 93101
.wz 93101
man our capabilities are low

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timecop: can you afford sound
because someone wants a sound system but they are in a no money phase
but i priced the shit out and now i want to build the shit
no one can afford sound
monkeyisl: do you want a big speaker?
are you making money yet
what happened to your nipponese supercar
mostly do you want big speakers, tho
i dont care how you pay for your big speakers

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