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no i mean in like 100ms so i can grab them in less than a second
and some warning indicator when they stick to my arm
i dump them out from the tape

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personally i am a fan of z = brightness
see if your projector shit could track and light up smd passives spilt onto a bench
that would rock

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and for $150 to replace fuck fixing it, can stick it in the corner so one day like 100 years from now when the company is disintegrating and work is drying up, bored tech can try and fix it
im not opening it up to look for alien technology
im pretty sure its like an 0201 bouncing around on analog circuits or some digital bus
its neat when they fall sideways its like the slip into another dimension
yes the mysterious dimension z

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thatsprob bad for desk
finish and flatness and stuff
omg electric blanket
wait no sleeping on mains is bad, right?
they need some 5v shit
i have open cell foam bed
i can pump warm air into it
get air compressor, stick on stocktop, done
maybe 30 of them
hey what do you use?
we have a circuit specialist branded auyoe knockoff
digital thing?
yeah fuck that an auyoe is like $150
yeah thats like $600
well ours is broken im pretty sure

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haha, little china fire in a box
theyre awesome
well, the ones kind of set up like a radiator mesh
i had an old version of that
awesome heater, base broke, left it in chatsworth

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there isnt one here
theres a kmart but like 15 miles away
yeah i need one of those little ceramic dealies
i have my oven on and my co2 sensor unplugged
i do that for like 30m or so and everything bearable
yeah its like, fuck you guys, you need it three times a year, you still need it
sucks because i get free gas but i hate apartment wall heaters
awful smell, years worth of dust burning off, you think its gone, until you come back home
and im not sure its functional, no external controls, some panted over access grate i dont feel like popping off, might need a thermostat that doesnt exist

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fuck this, this is global cooling
santa barbara
bar bar atm, everything else closed
and mostly its fine, sticking with my san fernando at the beach metaphor
its been like 35F here
and i dont have a heater
there is one in the corner but its like, old apartment dust smoke thing

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guys its too cold =(

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monkeyisl: enable is the verb 'turn on', but they are using it as a noun, like short for 'enable bits'

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incubus: almost nothing in detail

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plus digital audio transport, and most every measureably parameter gets better
so soon its just about how many channels at what bitrate into one cable, and how long the cable
and how many dsp blocks your processor can handle
thats plus networking
easily 20 more years of tech to milk
and maybe by then transducers will be respected and funded and more awesome and stuff

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speakers are like 1% thd things, decent affordable stuff
a super shitty amp is like .5%
but audio systems driving speakers kind of update like maybe every 5 years?
like, you went from passive xovers, to discrete active crossovers and bi, tri, and quad amp systems
to opamp based active xovers, then simple dsp xovers, now you can get dsp boxes do like anything you want
1u, 4ch in, 8 ch out, summed crossed delayed and eq'd however you want

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if other designs were effective, all speakers would trend towards it
its the least understood components
typically the budget is trash
almost no one has the education to design them
which design?
well, i think you mean electrostatics?
if theyre doing other plasma based shit i dunno much about it
well, that just isnt practical
i dont think UL will approve
because youd need a jet engine for bass?
anyway, tweeters are fairly diverse
but the principles of moving a mass with magnetic energy are always in play, any transducer design
and theres some crazy, crazy shit if you have the money and people resources to proto stuff
but stuff for manufacturing has been the same for decades, materials have prob mostly been the same since the 80s

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and youre not exactly touring with them 24/7
haha @ awesome speakers
they dont exist
theyre all bad =(
tho transducers and bread are the two things id would show to invading aliens
to show them why they want to be our friends and not eat us
incubus: theyre incredibly non linear
and manufacturing them is still pretty much done by hand
no its just how the physics works out, the standard design

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the coolest amps ive personally experienced were QSC knockoffs we got as engineering samples
4000kW into a 8R load, for 1m sustained before i got scared and turned it off
sub 1% THD according to an AP, things toroid shaking like falling from space
im sure if stanton made 10k units, 5% would turn out QA reject junk, on a good day when the lines hummin
if QSC made 10k units, same factory, same design, prob be more like 0.5% and what got past QA into the field would be badass mfkr solid
audio design been done, even the most advanced DSP systems, its just about ID sad and QA now, and maybe software
*ID (sad)
also i didnt say they were shit i said they could be shit
or said theyre prob shit

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oh, but other hacker has a camry
and the pedal is mapped pretty much the same
its heavily filtered (and latent) because of it
im guessing between 100 and 300 ms
maybe rev matching for shifting fucked up
guys its too cold 44F and its not even 9
uh fuck you
every company ive been at has had some good products
all made in china
almost *everything* affordable in audio is manufactured in china, and good shit still exists
mostly its about QA
yeah never know

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if i cant do anything i want with it, im annoyed
assembly from scratch is eeeasy
rework is hard, needs markup
want realtime info like all the time
im not a china line girl with approved sop
im like, engineer says he wants to do this, i figure it out as im looking at the pcb and my tools
macegr: i think it was a few .2% manufacturing and software problems, stupidly aggressive japanese throttle pedal mapping, and EMI
my car is stupid to drive because of how sensitive toyota made the gas pedal
the engine
07 scion tC
teh toyotaCar

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what do you mean
well i mean basically layers on a pcb instead of in an EDA app
or what
right id block it alot
its another thing to dodge while trying to angle in on an 0201 or some janky scalpal and bus wire rework
of course it would work
why wouldnt it work
im just not excited about it
i actually like printouts
because i can wipe my flux spikes and tweeters on it, drop my smd stuff and find it
anyway, its a software ui project
if they shit can almost read my mind and use multiple projection angles seemlessly
and just look gorgeous
id consider spending a few hundred of someone elses money
else fuckit, i got a laptop and printouts
i do that anyway
with split boards
panels would be annoying at work because everyone using a couple reqwork benches
half projects everywhere
plus my shrapnel
macegr: thats gonna be melted in seconds

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holy fuck yeah
little mexican deli in the liquor store down the block does excellent lebanese style shawarma pita (= with fries inside)
i know hes worked on cable dot matrix printing machines

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he couldnt have used a paintball gun

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