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thats what happens to cm managers when the coke is all gone

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did you ever yell at them in an email?
well at least they still talk
do they send you xmas cards?
real ones with anthrax
everyone else got swf, i got some shit i had to open irl
they are prob cool people, i think theyre like in the middle of nowhere?
i think you should take a trip to your cm
what kind of lazy not flying to china engineer are you
its like north of beijing

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tecan thats your exgfs house isnt it
well thats why you cant find a local cm
were not doing coke
the people managing the workers building our stuff will be doing coke
wether we give it to them or not
macegr: like little landing strip strobes
i know what half life really means
also hole in the nose, really not so sexy
unless a girl
or slingin it
macegr wont have to really move weight until he needs to play the diff cm off each other to get better leadtimes and throughput
supply chain economics ftw
macegr: that chick sounds fun
have you been there with cocaine? no
its a wonder they even work with you
what is $10 in %

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and our economy will degrade to the point that manufacturing here makes sense
and the america starts over as just another country with nuclear weapons, economically speaking
we will always be soldier class, rise to the middle at best unless you cross over to upper level management
let go of the details and give your soul over to corporate voodoos, etc
not true
youre the only you in the company
do you have an employee yet
dont be lazy!
macegr: find a local cm will do small runs?
there are probably about to be too many!
for a few years at least
you need to find the shady one no ones trusts
and brind him beer and cocaine

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you so were not thats too perfect that doesnt happen irl
no im agreeing, not sarcastic
most of my issues when i was younger was because not enough sleep
prob because 100 diff reasons, lots of which i could have prob made better
macegr: yay bagel days
whatever ive gotten two awesome jobs since 2008
and actually got first awesome job in 2008, right before economy rubbed into the dirt
i was realistic about my job security, both times
macegr: forum for unemployed people im guessing
engineering is going to come back
people are retiring and in general engineering education has slipped

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but first you have to teach racoon about a transmission and engine
and maybe make racoon care about the engine and transmission so it doesnt just try and see what happens when you blow it up
iterrative thinking, cats do it
have the memory, and shits
you try diff things to see what works better
you wont do the same thing over and over, youll find the way you think is best, than do that over and over for quite a long time
maybe change your mind
actually i dont use it so much
in a couple weeks, i should again prob make the herb last longer
because economy, etc
guys its so cold
yes marijuana reefer
like when i was 20?
audio companies know better

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the last non discrete designs will come from this channel
wait i predicted that backwards
fuckit, hi
macegr: um, hi if you can add and count you can multiply, if you can add and multiply you can lookup table, if you can lookup table you can sine
what exactly is the problem!?
not unless we told him to
but now that you bring it up, i bet it happens
i have one
i spun some simple code on it, havent touched it since
i need to quit my job in electronics so i could go back to electronics!
fuck no
but binary processing might be
electronics will get more parts, electromechanicals will always be a problem, and processing will prob become alot squishier
no like trying to teach a racoon how to drive a sportcar with manual transmission
racoon can def do it

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if the controller is a current feedback thing, youre prob fine
if its a voltage feedback thing, if it doesnt burn up, your prob shortening the life
if its open loop, my guess is itll burn
*unless* its psu is so cheap that it drops out enough that it doesnt go over its spec for power
horrible audio psu trick
yeah doesnt say

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yeah but you cant see LEDs below 1mA, so they prob assume like 2-5mA, normal operation
and the issue is maybe the gate capacitance of the digital input, shrug

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its the output of a driver chip for LEDs, no?
5mA per channel is about what it expects
because most digital logic is driven by class-b outputs
so itll sink or source current from the digital input gate capacitance is connected to
your load resistor is all thats sinking
and the voltage for the led driver might not swing correct with a big load
who knows why

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its open collector or something?
are you driving the gate directly?
i thought you were driving a logic IC
its 5v on the gate?
yeah weird because the open drain load is also the gate capacitance drain
yeah use 1k

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less resistance to interference, more noise
dont trust anything over 100k unless some crazy micropower application demands it
and if you can, keep shit closer to 10k
its another problem or a really bad interference source
try it
is it fast?
above 10mhz?
stray capacitance and big resistors start doing shit at higher frequencies
yeah prob something simple
10k *should* be fine, but try the 4.7 see if it fixes it
oh you dont have one hand
use 10k and debug the shit out of it, 4.7k isnt much diff situation
if it works at 4.7k and not at 10k, you have to find out why

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