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you just blow everything up!
tho maybe that is not what you mean...

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what do you think government is? =(

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that sounds right
i think ive ordered from them like twice

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oh huh, curves are diff

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zeeshan: can you code c++, setup an IDE fine?
sculptor: AD596 and AD597, for J and K types
with one decoupling cap, the chip outputs linear voltage 10mV/C
why not
the only complaint i have about the AD TC amps are theyre $$$
yeah fuck that
integration ftw
you could just scale with diff TC connected to the AD chips
pretty sure its just the gain thats diff

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u jesus day!

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the little weed farm place that had a shop got shut down by the fed
but the farm just texted me that now is the time to year to help with trimming, to come on down
ha i was wondering if they would be open on xmas before i realized they texted me on xmas

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