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now i gott pick a microcontroller

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so its getting to the point where its like a microcontroller to sync everything would be easiest
but then its like might as well run the shit in software mode

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cirrus logic fucked me
you cant do their high end aes3 decoder and their dac shit standalone at high speeds
because now i have to reset both devices, which kills the clock from the first device which setup the second device
and wtf at aes3 thing setup with specified value pullups/pulldowns read at startup

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remember when stu asked me how long it took me in photoshop to make it look like i did those drawings by hand?
i thought that was funny

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Cext may vary from 0 pF to any necessary value.

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two one shots and a latch fix everything
fixing everything rocks
what do they want me to do
i was going to use their chip
they need to stfu

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did you want pizza?
in america, when you get boards, you get a coupon for free pizza
no bullshit
your dominoes pizza is awesome
better than ours
you eat kim chi all day?
i didnt like kim chi, then i lived in korea for a month and now i love it!

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real hackers use gates
bigass dip ones
in those ice cream sandwich ceramic packages

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so the question is now that ive figured out this clock speed set the pin state issue...
do i have to reset the shit to latch the new state in =(

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yeah at 0402 those get more annoying
well they just run into to much adjacent shit
we do some fucked up rework, we dont say no =\
omg calm down

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macegr: yeah, on a coax connected, but i dont know the spead
shit works
like tips just fall through fillets
they can be all oxidized to shit and it doesnt matter
for through hole theyre sex
especially the long chisels and the shovel tips
the ones that can hit all three pins of a to218 rawk
but yeah i think hakko tips are better
tho my boss has this weller digital thing with replacable tips, theyre on TRS miniplugs
i dont like the tips as much but they regulate awesome
the hakko long skinny conicals with .005 radius are my fav, but you kind of have to get used to the timing because takes a few seconds for the iron to figure out shit got cold
conicals arent that bad
long skinny stick chisel things are horrible like that
have to run super hot or kind of preheat them somehow, kinda lame

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936 is awesome
yeah metcal is kinda fragile
`nico: fx888 is same price, hakko upgrade, 936 is discontinued
you have to go hot with long conical tips
because they will lose heat way quicker than iron can response
macegr: the metcals are weird, they will just turn solder wet as soon as you touch shit
its not just the heat
theyre slightly magical
its in the manual towards the back
but its something about how theyre driven, its not just slow PWM DC
kevtris: theyre more fragile
the tips, the iron
the bases are solid
and they have a cool auto off, auto on feature
but yeah i wouldnt use it as an old iron
the hack known as
tsop it!
tsop it rinaow!!1

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well gets some good hot tweezers and a microscope and youre set
0805 you can for maybe 3 on a long grain of rice
0201 you can prob fit like 10
typically, if youre not doing rework on the line, you have at least fine pitch regulated temp iron and a hot air station
for small shit, hot tweezers are sex
just get the auyoe station until you break it
then upgrade or buy another
yeah i thought i sucked at soldering
and then i got a real iron
if you cant afford a $90 hakko fx888, you cant afford electronics
simple as that
doing electronics on the super cheap is shit you figure out because youre a fucking genius
or extremely educated
otherwise, youre going to waste a fuck ton of time or money

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youre arcing over now
there wont be any more money, all the growth that fed all your big plans is over
youre def a product designer
youre not going to make money, you just feature creeped your project back to the beginning
you have to start all over
which is admitted only 20 minutes ago, but you see its a trend
it only doesnt happen until it totally fucks you but it almost happened like every time it didnt
i do 0201 shit now almost daily =\
fuckin rf geeks =(
i really like 0805
but i do so much 0603 rework that i just use them for layouts now
0805 look comically huge to me
for prototyping, and for soic pitch IC, 0805 is really sexy
omg for layouts with dips, 0805 is awesome

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closer to 10 years
since they could take pictures they could fucking play mp3
all the old crappy phones play mp3
you can get cheap chinese knockoff products
fake iphone, fake portable game consoles
*all* they will do is play mp3
theyre given away
old phones are old, theyre designed to last 18 months or so then theyre allowed to fail
almost no one owns phones for more than two years anymore
and most people break and replace phones before they get new ones on two year contracts
youre better of with a fake china psp
it most likely plays mp3
and its new
so youre going to market repurposed microcontrollers
instead of just using a microcontroller
the whole handhelp computer dream this started as is slipping away
youve lost your vision

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people did that when cell phones were new
they didnt do very much
like, nice fuckin terminal can you even type shit onto it
also i think most cell phones already run embedded linux and are palmtop computers
they all run java apps for like 10 years now
mp3 players are literally given away now
nothing is free if it involves your time
picking up a working phone and using it as a calculator
thats free
rewriting the fucking OS
so maybe in 6 months you can have the same fucking calculator, very expensive
timecop now youre feeding the troll
cell phones have been mp3 players for more than 5 years

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measure the diamater including the surround and then round up
and size of the woofer doesnt really matter except for spl estimates
jezus fuck i should ban you
because i think you just said youre going to put arduino on a cell phone
as if cell phone tech could be any worse than its widely accepted current state
timecop: by now you must realize i enjoy just flowing along with them
anyway why dont you just buy an android phone
yes im aware
i just dont know why you would replace something functional with some scratch shit wont work for shit without a fuck ton of time put into it
just to get back to your original state

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my shit is just yellow fiberglass glued to a paper cone, all the rigidity comes from the paper, the fiberglass doesnt do much except add a bit of mass and make them look really, really cool
macegr: just spray paint them with acrylic or something
speaker factories are prob the world leaders in precision glueing
and spray on coatings (think fabric dome tweeters, and the dipped fabric for spiders on *every* speaker than isnt a tweeter)
speaker geek nonsense
macegr doesnt have a big enough belly or enough facial hair to be a real speaker geek tho
2.2 is the way to go
how do you know its the amp
depends on the acoustic config
you just mean the dimension
fuck if i know its almost random, but typically the advertised measirement includes the frame, or part of it

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also its neat when you do a rough layout for some loopy circuit and all the pours just nest on themselves perfect without vias or cutting huge chunks out of ground
paper pulp is common cone material
doing a folded paper glued seem cone, like ns10m style, would be neat
but drivers is all about consistency, either end result is fail, or you spend a fuck ton of time rejecting and binning
trying to use some random shit like that
but if you just wanted it to make some fuckin noise so you could sell some shit and do ching sounds, yeah sure why not
you could just take a real speaker and glue a layer of newspaper over it
my rockits just look like kevlar cones
krk only uses kevlar on the flagship $2500 speaker, and the high end affordable VXT range

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yeah irc killed american manufacturing
anyway, neat thing about newjob is i could do live sound and headphone electronics and its not competitive
last jobs anything cool would be like, patent quickly and then sell them on doing it, which isnt reality in a business model like that
so basically id have a likely useless patent, or id have to eject from job
the product for the price that i would want to produce isnt reality, not them being into the product
basically cool shit isnt profitable when people are overjoyed at buying crappy to mediocre super compromised shit that happens to come in some overstyle injection molded plastic

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and basically im pointed towards and acoustic engineering position
hhc is fine for speaker testing
ive already email ranted about, hey my music has the same crest factor as industry standard test tones, so basically we have no headroom
but btw i think we protect too much
basically im saying we should make our shit more hardcore and stop faking it as much as everyone else does with DSP
macegr: emc has a 3d toolpath plotter
that looks neat tho
and if its for 3d printers i kind of doubt its properly implimented the standard
like if it cant figure out canned drill cycles i cant use it exclusively
tiny uela at the bottom of the page
macegr: why would china steal shit
they already have the all the designs and they actually employ engineers
who like, work, not just email!

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all the dsp stuff has the same rep
the DEQ and the crossover and the adc/dacs
nope, i kept them
the woofers in them are hot shit
and the midranges are prob decent
the tweeter is total shit but maybe okay crossed high 3 way
Engadget: "a potent sound-pusher, but also as a highlight of industrial design"
just more proof that ID has killed true audio
bullshit, ID people dont care because they know looks sell
and theyre right
you have to make a reeeeally bad speaker for people to call it bad if they like the look and paid enough
timecop: home hifi
well, if youre super interested, we can maybe get you a real one and srtick you on some beta shit

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i have to buy some concrete column form tubes to make the cab for the woofer
i basically run the acoustic department
in terms of gear, test, etc
naw man we need something with a UI
what youre talking about exists in basically *every* modern audio system
dbx stuff wont do what the engineer wants
we have to drop like $6k on an XTA
but the softies can code up some shit to run on linux
and we have a rane dsp processor that can run from windows, has a decent controller app
well, they did actually, but no one remembers what the UI for the dsp shit is
but i got also up and the adat optical locking onto the two behringer 8 in 8 out adc/dacs
softie bought the behringer =(
they dont care =(

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snugglez: so
can you afford sound?
and not trying to sell shit!
trying to get someone to fund a prototype
likely at the end of testing it wont be okay =(
acoustically horrible
amateur looking, somewhat jevenile
incredible resonant cab, no bracing, no damping, and it looks like the woofer and mids share acoustic volume
which is retarded
even the cheapest speakers seperate out mid drivers into their own cavities
macegr: i just unpacked them actually
kinda, theyre still bubble wrapped
but im going to setup a pc based dsp crossover, eq, and amp array
for work
so i want to use that to play with clear speakers

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back to job, figure it out later! (this is personal free time shit)
thanks tho

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i think im going to look for ICs on digikey

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i think i just need to filter that
and yeah schmidt would prob work better for timing
or dual comparator
well if timing wasnt as critical logic gates work fine

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right i think using RC timing on hi z gates is the path
theres needs to be a diode in there for reset
well, im not sure it even has to be so complex
right with feedback divider integrated into the input attenuator
but the rates will be consistent and sustained
if theyre not, the rest of the system is fucked and just waiting for a relock anyway
so i think speed is prob more important than hysteresis
i dont like 555s
7404 is faster, cheaper
so i think i drive a gate to buffer
next stage is an RC and diode network for setting up the reset pulse whatever
and next stage filters reset pulses into consistent level
whats a mission pulse
im sure theres an ic, but ive done really similar shit with an RC with diode reset

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so i want something that can take a 96khz or 192khz clock, and output a 1 or 0 depending on which
without adding another clock (sot23 uC)
and without adding like four opamps
so i think solution is like, some sort of one shot with 7404 or something
and like, 1% resistors and 1% caps
gpf: i want to be able to switch a high end audio DAC from <100KHz mode to >100KHz mode without a switch
no software
no simple discrete solution means using a sot23 uC with internal clock
i dont want another clock in the system
well, i mean not going with a simple discrete solution
not that there isnt ones that will work
but i think basically something that goes high if its not reset at less than a 150khz rate would work

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