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no the dialectric between the center lead and the shield
electrons dont go fast
youre confusing me

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omg they cant put the light into a spiral
unless they put light tubes everywhere
or coax if were talking about big light
but anyway, you wouldnt be able to get around because cables and tubes everywhere
no because all these spiral tubes everywhere
thisa coffee i made is too hardcore, possibly
wait wtf happened between those last two sentences
nothing happens very fast on the shield of coax
or the center lead
they just kind of setup electronic fields and then all the fast shit happens in the insulation

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resonance is the frequency some shit shakes or wiggles or rings at once external stimulus has been taken away
for example, pull on a guitar string, let it go, as soon as you let go it resonates depending on its mass and tightness
crystals will move mechanically at a certain frequency given a certain geometry
since theyre crystals, its easier to control geometry
they also gives off voltage when they move
or move when you feed them voltage
so like, piezo crystals this is happening at audible frequencies
okay well i cant buy that at digikey
so its somewhat out of context here
unless he offers a reasonably priced dev kit
and we dont want to pay for an IDE either he better have all that shit free and sorted and on a cd for reference

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wtf at jalapenos and banana peppers

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squash, red and green onion
serrano peppers, tamatillos

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minimalist shit, expensive cirrus logic decoder and dac and ti headphone amp
like there is an orange RCA jack on the back of all of my computers and now work gear, i never use it
want to use it
reza____: is what im doing

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theres, like too many
spdif headphone amp

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dx^: mfkr
im hungry
also broke
i almost have newplace setup without boxes of junk everywhere
apartment, big studio, nice area
no but newjob is two miles away and i can go in whenever i want
cnc lives in the woodshop there
shopping for vregs sucks

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they changed stuff?
i totally need to like wake up

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