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so you still got the, omg we are the loudest deepest shit in hollywood vibe
but yeah all kids, way more guys than chicks, and drunk idiot frat style

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you guys listen to borgore now or some shit?
so the coolest thing about brostep shows was that they would totally push the musicbox sound system

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i mean like the magicians and ninjas and bankers who had electricity
also did you know: amber is the greek word for electric, because static
like, we could ESD shit before we could do anything useful
prob why small electronics took so long
i should write history books
it would fit right in
btw fuck digikeys android app
if you truy and check after scrolling the scroll bar will jump to where you check leaving you at some new random location in the list
because fury

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also you prob dont have to deal with EMC
immunity tests are fun
you got your awesome, minimalist, perfect realization of your shaman circuit vision
boom fucks up at 2kv air discharge now your throwing caps and diodes and resistors in all sorts of random looking places
like, why mfkrs gotta be touchin shit
also just because a company makes jacks for industry and defence
doesnt mean they can clone a fuckin audio connector
like cmon guys youve been doing switches for like 300 years already jezus fuck

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wtf do you use?
a little relay?
youre gonna just put it straight to the avr pin?
you do that for prototyping at home while smoking pot at 7:30 in the morning
by noon youd be looking for a 3904
macegr: latching relays!
i dont trust those things =(
also some pretty big company relays bounce when you drop them
like the kind of shit used for auto voltage selection supplies and inrush limiting
drop your speaker in europe, put 720V across your 500V caps
you dont have a list of 200 tests to do on your product before failing at safety compliance

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tell them youll pay them a few more whatever for the roll
they have extra
they are throwing them away because they are sick of making furniture out of them
you know 2 * 5 is actually 10

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oh nice
buy them by the roll
prob cant fit that many on a roll
heh @ topbright

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theres multiple ways of deciding on what type of ID person to get
but keep in mind its their job to piss you off constantly
if theyre not pissing you off, theyre not the right person
all of technology is functional
you put octopuses on your power distribution or led bar or whatever it was thing
for no fucking reason at all
macegr can design
you can be your own id person, you can piss yourself off
if youre not pissing yourself off, youre not doing it right
well led sunglasses have sunglasses
your shit almost looks like the big trouble in little china slat glasses
like w/ louvers
you know you just have to glue uv reflective film on the back of the frame
get one of those precision glue guns, with compressed air regulators and foot switch and syring tip applicators

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i told the guy on sunglasses hut hes like THEY DONT MAKE THOSE and im like they did and he actually looked it up and was like FUCK THEYRE DISCONTINUED and made a sad face
do 12 layer fuckit
and yours are ultra generic
if i am remembering right
theyre big, and for some reason they scream 80s
but not in the way that the 80s were like the late 50s, early 60s
welcome to consumer electronics
next step: hire an industrial designer

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are you going to do wayfarers
well yeah you have to do those first
then aviators
then personally i would do those neo looking ones
did you know: they discontinued the tortoise/b15 neo looking glasses

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i still have single 1080 21.5" monitor
i kind of want a 50"+ tv to put on the wall above it tho
i need a whole new pc
this is some 5 year old shit still works fine but way unexciting
get it in the ribs
at a weird angle where one of the lasers cant get you
then you dodge less
i dont think
i go to work and stumble around and people are impressed then i go home spend money on the interweb machine and then i am allowed to sleep one more time
what DO you DO
dx^: i dont start researching until two weeks before i buy
everything you learn up until that point is usually obsolete

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ha ncurses, neat

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sounds like some sim shit or a BOM manager or some other EDA accessory
yeah i dont make ICs

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jelly bellys are good

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so basically you wont make your money back
versus getting a normal piece of shit car
because real cars are fun
its just going to be more expensive
hopefully cheaper everywhere else
our shit is really too cheap here
i think thats from a movie
make an electric datsun

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well i smoke everyday and in the last 4 years my pay has raised close to 100%
marijuana is obviously a career builder
i didnt have a boss for like 2 of those years!
so it basically makes you normal...
so you dont know what you did and you think it was laced with pcp

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there is 300 french words for buttholes
they say it like that so we relate
everyone else too!
i have to wait a whole year before i get a bonus
youll need way more beer for those
im kind of glad im not an alcoholic
like *everyone* else...
i smoked some weed about 2 minutes ago
im about to do it again
i have a cold and my head hurts and coughing is horrible fucked
but whatever
every day.
macegr: dmt or now youre a bath salts zombie?
anything less is kind of unexciting

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sculptor: not sure what you asked
but i replaced the preset mem battery and built up a working preset and now it works fine
the aftertouch sensitivity is impressive, not jumpy at all

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