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accelerometer, gyro, bluetooth, rtc
hack it up monkeyisl

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friend is trying to get me to go frisbee golfing
maybe i am unsick by sunday i can go try

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were ps/2 keyboard and mice 5?
i think 6
heh those were goofy
whatever ps/2 pins were easy to unsmash!

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yeah thicker than .25" its awesome
its all super hard but way light
i like to bang it against my head, feels funny

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how thermal?
damn delrin is like same as nylon
mcmaster says use some crazy shit i never heard of
yeah but you dont get that in blocks or bars
not for any affordable price
rab: i dunno it feels totally diff
and it would do better in a lot of higher temp apps because lower frictions, so less heat
yeah thats what a gas chromatograph is

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i dunno if that is better or worse
nylon never really holds decent
ceramic will hold awesome until it just doesnt at all =(
ive seen those, not threaded tho
or hmm, big ones like #10-32 i think ive seen
i dont think that shit was for circuit boards
i totally broke in the neighbors
theyre playing all sorts of loud noise up there

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can always remove it, because screw
haha, nylon screws

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well watches just gotta catch up
eventually you watch will be 1/3 of your forearm

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reza: is the screw grounded already?
if theres ground plane right there and its going into plastic, ground it, if its going into metal chassis, leave it
avoid floaty thing, avoid ground loop

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jigsaw_: why are you here?

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please verify that pitz os perm banned
they all died in the great purge

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use it
put it all over everything
ROHS solder is like, $3000 worth of soldering gear, feels like youre using a radioshack iron
at least learn how to deal with it
yeah fuckin euro kids chewin on the PCB
sticking banana plugs into wall outlets

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