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all that industrial poison smells good

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why is newegg selling bike hubs

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put a http://www.quickmeme.com/meme/36iq3e/

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so youre saying without drugs
id be doing even more awesome?
what if you wrong
what if the world was destroyed because of what you suggest
clearly we should just maintain as we are for the sake of everyone
straight to the dome
girl once told me how she has never smoked weed but she had snorted some keef
and i was just like, ow
ya ino
people OD all the time
you fall asleep
you totally blackout
and during that blackout, you were like, almost asleep in the same place you slept
people who drink do too much stuff

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im all about carbs, if you saw me you would be able to tell
so little steak hard tacos
and salsa verde
then i have food for all week

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but like chicken breat on the bone, fuck that
ribcage is ew, but boneless breasts and thighs, omg nomnomnomnom
omg you eat up the bones!?
no way man bones suck
give me squishy slabs of protein
dont give me animal parts
i cant work with animal parts yo
dont give me any insides either wtf
guys im going to make pastitsio tomorrow
what else

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yeah that takes a lot of effort
but there are local farmers markets daily so prob not that hard to figure out
but really the problem is i have to plan my meals out
yeah see i dont like it when my meat looks like what it comes from
i dont like bones
im like, not country at all
because like, cows always been nice to me
prob ive had like two encounters with cows my whole life
beef is so good tho

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look eggs are good
i get the organic vegan fake butter
its tastey
haha vegan friend is like, yeah well eggs arent super crueld i just dont know why you want to eat chicken period
and for awhile that did it
but theres some amazing breakfast places in LA
and pretty much every city, everywhere
and like, wtf else is there with eggs
personally i like them mixed with bread crumbls and slathered all over steak then deep fried
reza: no, tho i like a lot of veggie foods
and in general its way healthier
like no cholesterol and a third the calories and a lot of time syou can maintain protien pretty easy
amd yeah how we manufacture meat is kinda sick
happy cows is bullshit, you drive north on the 5 and calls those cows happy you should be slapped or kicked or some shit
miso soup is pretty good

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holy shit that sounds good
like BAO!

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im hungry but the place i want to eat at doesnt open until 5
this is a situation
too bad you cant do kbbq take out very well
place i want to try
macegr: did you get sick? everybody got sick
what does that mean
you just got drunk oer and over again
thats pretty much the same thing as sick
how many people are in your office?

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yeah but if its just about that, i can do that way cheaper and quicker
i could do that like 20 times for the price of burning man
by the time you you are at burning man i will have seen thousands of girls on drugs
prob get your ass kicked eventually
yeah they have burner clubs in LA
burners usually do the big props and a lot of the time visuals at big raver events
so i had to preregister? did you preregister?
thats the other shit if you have tickets sell the fucking tickets
make pants with optical isolation that fire mad light out your hems around your feet
yeah pants, gringo

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im broke bitch
yeah but moving state tax people and i have two tickets that are going to suck up all my money
so best to sit on it
which i would do but the math and timing is all wrong
believe it or not, among a certain group of friends, i am the one with self control
they are the ones that take my gear to burning man and report back

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macegr: haha, dreaming of shenzen, eh?
you know it would be pretty easy to get paid to go
no i mean you would have to fall into a consumer electronics r&d or sustaining job
and im sure youd be there within a couple months
there you go you can be rezas manufacturing engineer
its nice up there

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haha fuu
i gotta get the software guy to do some sort of mute when i change eq sets
its like the speaker crashes into a wall for a second before it sounds okay

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autos break
its got a cubby hole!
yeah truth, i blew the head gasket first
im a dick i guess
that car was dropped like 4 feet by a towtruck and it drove off like whatever
leaves and branches all stickin outs its bumper
still got to work on time
(it got stuck sideways on the hillside at like 2am)

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mostly i say because its fun
tho in this car, in this city, most of the time it isnt fun
because they mapped the drive by wire gas pedal waaay to sensitive and then filtered the fuck out of it to compensate, so its got stupid latency
done right its kinda neat
when ferrari did the 456GTA (auto version of the 456GT), test drivers said they liked it more
ferrari was making electronic automatics for their F1 cars around the same time, tho
rab: lots of muscle and hot rod people run automatics, because all theyre doing is going fast straight
but yeah a 76 vette is neither muscle nor hot rod
and auto version is sad, but if it gets more girls driving them, im okay with it
you see a lot of older ladies in vettes in california
gotta love 70s engineering, HOW DO WE DO A TRUNK IN THIS PLASTIC SHELL SHIT
we done OKAY

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its better
i turn her off i just use the pictures
my car has too much sound deadening
i only care because its a manual and i cant hear the engine at low rpm
spend waaay too much time looking at the tach
yeah when people ask why i almost wannt be like fuck you thats why

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the hack known as dead usb

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