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sounds like an awesome pawn shop

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80 tooth carbide, should finish fine
and that doesnt look like 80 teeth

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well if it was 15" and the blade cut just to the edge of the gate/guide/whatever
then yeah it might be a prob because you couldnt cut clear through
but maybe you can move the saw back and forth
you can get carbide tippped 14" for like $20?
expensive ones are like $50
just go to hardware store
im pretty sure i bought an expendable table saw blade for under $20 from ace
with carbide tips
do you have to use a miter saw specific blade?

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it means you can get a job as a project manager, and use your iphone as a pillow
arent normal ones 14"?
yeah was my next question

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so hopefully theyre useful for referencing, and have enough bass theyre fun
like EIM/canalbuds, or normal earbuds?
theyre too loud
also plastic

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ive always liked how they sound, i wont buy them, the rotating join kinda loosens, eventually chew the cable
prob because too much low end, so you turn them up to head the mids, and you are smacking your brain up with bass
so i guess skullcandy stole an acoustics/transducer engineer from bose, and his first project was hesh 2
i got a paid for $35, had a 50% off coupon

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id have to listen to the v700 again to listen if they roll off so early
v700 are those big dj ones with circular pads, cups rotate on this cylinder hinge thing
google doesnt know what a mdr-v770 is

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hey those are actually really, really good
the sound, alot like my monitor headphones
but theyre kinda too big, take up your whole ear
also surprisingly they dont have boosted low end, its just way deep
yeah dont get those then
you can hear it all but its not emphasized
ridiculous bass, pretty low distortion, highs roll off kind of too early, fun but barely accurate enough for casuallistening
worth $20 tho
yeah they sound kinda like sony v700 to me

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neat inittab is back
no prob just uninformed and confused
i see you everyday but usually completely over there
inittab: i got new headphone pads, awesome headphones are awesome again
theyre velour, i thought they would be way microphonic when i move my head but theyre not all all
yeah like on these headphones:
has fabric covered cable, you can hear it when it rubs on your clothes, sucks

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you gonna cook in a toaster oven youve done reflow in?
its maybe the flux
that stuff smells like all sorts of diff funk, depending on brand and type

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oh neat, i like those elgars
old ones are old

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yay no more disintegrating pleather!
hey whatever if they last a couple years its worth it
these headphones prob close to 10 years old

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wtf is had troll
yeah its got too much stitching to be anything except outdoor shit
whats a facebook mansion
why is he a skrillex

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nuh uh!
he a cheapo or what
that sucks
put a 50V cap on a 48V rail and shit
15% is pretty weak but if youre makin money, shrug
well, you sell enough shit that 1% issues become real, you get really aware
and thats a fedora?
looks like some outback cowboy shit from army navy

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um everything is just smart resistors?
found a mr wizard
you could show him the schema for my headphone amp
where i got two linear vregs
i make up for it with two 9v batteries tho
AB output amp too
efficiency is for bitches
nuh uh

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rab: knowledge of shimano hub shifters?
i was thinking of getting older style 3 or 5 speed
pretty sure i would break the 7 and 11 speed shit, but i dunno maybe just better because newer
nexus is their older line, like close to 20 years of manufacturing engineering on those!
yeah akira bike is emotionally sexy
but that model would handle like total shit
avoid at all costs
rab: awesome thats what i wanted to know
the studs on the cheap stln or poverty hubds i have are too short
so wanted new hubs anyway
anyway, unsprung weight is very very bad
so hub motors are a non starter
theyll get made, but its not a good setup for sport

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omg leftover pastitsio = fucking awesome
tho rly needs like 2x the meat w/ 3x the diced tomatoes, and like 2x the milky egg sauce
and rigatoni did work out well instead of elbow macaroni
a tesla?
thats how electric sport should be
like the torque of a big v8, in a tiny package

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cheater_1: it depends on everything

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