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you just install what you want
clits old version, they shut down the licensing servers
so the solution is to make a downloadable copy for licensed users that doesnt require the servers
its a public download
with serials posted
its adobe cutting off the pirate middlemen
are you talking sabout some demo shit?

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i think its just a few small areas
less i think
i think the reasoning is if you can change efficiency by 1%, its kinda worth it
it maybe didnt work well because i only heard about it once
dunno, guess less loss from inductance
dunno if they lower it
its not that big a change
say they move it up, they reduce current a but, which reduces loss

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supposed to be most accurate long term
maybe not anymore i guess some place are trying diff mains freq to see if it helps with transmission efficiency or some shit
yeah im saying not in all areas
no like just a couple Hz, i guess to see if it helps efficiency

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heh, coooool

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tomorrow for work i get to go to LA and hang out in a recording studio with some of our sales guys

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and communicated to DSP, more high speed busses
shit at work has ethernet ports and you need towards a $100k of gear to even start fucking with the wifi comm shit
anyway, you can do some analog domain audio, and sense/control
thats it
you cant even proper debug an oscillating circuit
like, button, switch, sensor, indicator, display type signals
motors, actuators
i gotta get back to work

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yeah you could have a 1GHz scope with a 100khz sampling rate, call it a 1ghz scope
technically youre not lying
the product is just a wasteful design and arguably misleading
so thats like a 4-8mhz scope
youre prob better off with a 20 year old DSO
you need a Gs/s scope to do audio now
everything is jack to buffers to converters, dsp, converter to filter to buffer to jack
other hacker is like, all about tubes and discrete solid state
he jerks off over the noise and THD performance of a dsp system
cheater__: all audio is transported on high speed serial busses now
all control is done through uC

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i cant hear 20khz anyway
because scopes are visual, and measurement instruments
nyquist only really applies to filtered repetitive sine waves
producers typically dont take ~40khz or ~50khz sampling rates that seriously
you would hear either the same
because you cant hear the harmonics, anyway
well i think it takes 5 points to describe a sine wave using a triangle wave
and you need around 10 to see it as a sine
people are 10% devices
we start to recognize shit around 10%, we can do 1% on a good day, performance better than that is just to deal with cases where youre not using dynamic range capabilities

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sculptor: sorry phone call, watching now
haha awesome
you think nyquist is full of shit to, nice

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maybe get to hang out in a recording studio back home tomorrow

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