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heheh, hacker

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like a wire printer and something else
whats the resolution?
oh its prob pretty good

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maybe you mean normal plating
im not sure i could easily get unplated PCB
all ive seen is tin or gold plated
for a long time, US and china vendors
i think the only diff is if they tin before or after mask
its standard option usually
even the cheap shit unmasked unsilked PCB deals from 4pcb are tin plated
its actually very nice, very modern retro look, i do text in it its totally legible on FR4
i guess the mask doesnt stick to the plating the same as the clean copper
something about the mask sliding around when the traces are heated
guess it fucks up silk and consistency of mask thickness
cool! youre always going on about random machines at work, i think ive seen maybe two

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when i do production/QA support/rework in places where i bring my gear, i always bring ROHS stuff
im not sure many other people are careful like that
but im usually involved in initial runs, like first 2 to 5 batches
if another company is going to pull your shit to lab test it, thats when theyd do it
you mean like solder dipped?
its usually tin plated
yeah i dont think ive seen solder dipped, but on stuff like PSU
where it looks like a cludge for not enough trace
if you ask a chinese vendor to do something, they will
gpf: mostly i think its wave solder
modern dipped looking PCB
most dipped stuff ive seen is like, unmasked stuff from the 70s and 80s
stuff that looks like it was laid out with tape
no i think they just wave before stuffing

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yeah someone else always did the assembly from scratch if it was more than just a little board
i just new not to put my drinks in the little dridge with the paste jars
but for little proto boards, i just tin pads and use hot air to mount IC
even works with pads under chips
we use lead for proto rework
and we dont repair customer returns, we just fix them to verify troubleshooting
then they get absorbed by the lab

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im not sure we do enough assembly to warrant it, mostly rework
but we already have regulated compressed air syringes on foot pedals for assembling speakers
so we just get one more of those and fill the tubes with solder paste
all the stuff ive seen
we fill them with glue for the speakers but they work with solder paste
same system
yeah dunno so much about it

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use wick for almost everything
and a fuckton of gel flux
hes all proud and shit
i dont think i could do most of the 0201 stuff as quick without hot tweezers
just pull off old 0201, use tweezers to get the solder back on the pads nice, blob of flux, put the new 0201 in place
the pads just kind of sucks up the ends when you let go when you time it right

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21:05 <@BlackMoon> lol at all the jizz
id be pissed if a CM gave us samples without glued caps
thats asking for failures in audio

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yeah that looks like a legit design
long enough horn for it to work
you going to stuff it?

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well in what context
honestly theyre not meant to be run hard by themselves
thats how all companies sell their speakers, but speakers like that you cant push that hard
you get like 8 of those, and its fucking amazing
wall of pressure
and they go down to like 40
they should
you drive them hard the suspension tightens which raises resonance, which raises acoustic HPF frequency
which is normal, and prob why they dont sound so one-note when theres lots of them

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no bue one of the best jungle/dnb/dubstep systems is LA is mostly oooold cerwin-vega front loaded folded horns
theyre weird systems
they load funny
ive impedance plots for sealed folded horns with like, 3 impedance spikes
like, wat?
does the shit loop back around again and radiate into the chamber through the heatsink access panel thing?
no idea
dx^: yeah i got lots of stuff like that
champi0n: sealed folded horns usually use an aluminum access panel as a heatsink

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folded sealed horns?
or like, transmission line speakers, or what

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within a couple ms, ported systems are way closer to 10ms
so its like edge of perception, but its there if you know what quick transient response sounds like
good ported systems can sound similar, tho
we have Genelec monitors at work, the transient response blows me away
MDF is really good, acoustically
not always mechanically, but its super consistent
ha, i usually avoid putting systems in my car because not trying to attract attention
but you put it like that...

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thelion: no i do the work
i did the first layout for the crossover, tho
no like, prototyping, testing for specification, reliability, compliance
i think they ended up copying my layout so they could use cheaper smaller caps, but its basically the same
yeah fuck passive crossovers
and this is about where i cant say anymore
for LF configs, mostly i like sealed low Qtc systems, tweak with EQ to taste
i think im going to buy an infiniti basslink
theyre faster

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doesnt change much
heh, they carry a line of speakers i helped develop
i like these guys

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fixing speakers is kind of a bitch unless you have a lab setup for it
its just spinning shit and gluing stuff together with shims, but its like soldering, unless you got an array of good tools its crappy, doesn't work out so well
naw you can rebuild anything if you got parts
yeah pro stuff they will usually stock kits
sometimes coil already glued to cone so you just drop in with some shims
gpf: call parts express just ask for help
they can do it for you too, and have lots of parts

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its cold.

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god they dont make rack media player thats arent all dj retarded?
i guess its a dumb question now since i had the same issue 4 years ago...

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