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kinda but i think its another time of year

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in the silk!
its like, batch code, image of small dick and balls

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omfg youre in san jose how do you not have this covered
cant you just throw PCB outside with $20 and a BOM taped to them and get them back as PCBA?

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from SD to the bay, yo
i think ive been to the venue
seen skream and some other smog shit there
anyway you should come down
just leave like 3:00pm and when they look at you just be like, because junglist.

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`nico: for what?
nice, local emcee and Machete on the flyer (he runs the dnb weekly Respect)
also thats orange county, not LA

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correct answer is: maybe
for you: yes
dx^: mfkr
dx^: its very cold here but very sunny i dunno what to do
i stay home do pcb and eat pizza i think
also shopping for work =\

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