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i guess that guy prob didnt want to hear RMA IT

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wtf why you lettin the cable touch the floor?
almost sounds like normal cable, really

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$18k for some fuckin 3' audio cables and shit aint even balanced
can get a better cable for $6 from hosa

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Platters are typically made using an aluminium or glass and ceramic substrate.
i was right and then i was right again

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arent platters composite ceramic?
i dont think that shit really bends
ive crushed hdd without the discs really shattering
maybe aluminum?

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hey the hakko brass tip clean pods are cool
glue the feet on before they fall of and solder bits fall out the hole underneath
my guess is they were originally push in feet

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best value in electronics, by far
theyre production line stuff
huge issue
hotter temps are faster, but more likely to burn up parts and fuckup traces

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rucas: for an iron get a hakko fx888
for hot air, get the aoyue 852A
the other shit is rebranded hakko
fx888 is an updated 936
936 has been the best value in soldering for like 20 years
you can ask around in here if you want, tons will agree
i have two of those hakkos at work
last job i had one, previous job i had one
kevtris had his for like 10 years
didnt even replace tips
and i have another friend has had his since the late 80s or early 90s
shit still works
both these people are soldering with them almost daily
i dropped mine and cracked the case, it still works fine for like years since that

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