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we have three 4chan crown amps, they all had normal stubby pheonix in black
so im trying to sell them on getting some of the RAD wall panel XLR outputs
we can mount inside case and breakout to our patch panel
for like 16 direct outputs (wall modules are converters driven by PCM on rj45, up to 2 in and 2 out per rad chan)
but yeah they shipped orange and green, and i think grey for the digital io

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rab: we got rane hal2 dsp processor for voicing system at work
omg so in love
i havent even unbagged it yet
they shipped it with color coded phoenix plugs with the little grips you can use as strain relief

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dunno why the head-fi people are so into them
and the commercial market for headphones is dead
so i guess the last of the super audio corps showed their headphones at CES, so like, partys over, not cool anymore
haha i forget sometimes
because i wear hearing protection pretty often, so im used to walking around hearing almost nothing
yeah i got my skullcandy headphones in flat black
i almost got the weird zombie rockabilly punk music poster graphics
and kinda wanted rasta headphones
but i think the east coast lab might be offended
i wouldnt mind ive always been curious

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hey you like IEMs?
kind of blown away by these
theyre not bass boosted, they got extension, slightly more bass than reference sound
yeah they look fucking horrible
and take up your whole ear
the 8323 headphones arent that great
way fun, but they got nothing above maybe 4khz
not even accurate enough for casual listening, i found some shit in music that just doesnt happen on those phones

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well, breaks can be cool
`nico: just the intro is already awesome

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peripheral and reg descriptions were pretty good
and i dont recall not finding shit i wanted in the electrical characteristics
this is totally hhc
fast house without kung fu and horror movie samples
least when isa link hhc, half the set will be dnb/drumstep or the stepdub
i talk shit about the stepdub but im really a lot more into that than most other electronic shit

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haha good advice, im like researching gear for work =\
but at least i dont have to wear pants while doing it

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because i dont think you're timecop
okay this is getting way to dramatic im going to find something else to do

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timecop: status of t1mecop
someone ban t1mecop

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