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omg thin sliced mushrooms yum

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Clarke's HAL, however, we assure you that Rane's HAL will remain loyal to you--easing your
audio design tasks for years to come. No mutinies, no murders--guaranteed!

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uh wtf they just called and confirmed my order
a guy this time
maybe they had to reanimate the driver or something
yo man this is weird, however it goes down
there is no right way or good way for this to happen anymore
this is unknown
this is new

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macegr: and get them running with an out of the box solution so they can work until the drop [drop... drop... drop..]
i did i just got pepperoni and mushroom
i was big on mushroom and basil for a long time but the basil isnt awesome next day
basil is for lunch by the slice

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this pizza phone girl made me feel a little unimportant
just a little
guys why would the pizza place say call back in 5 if you dont hear from us
fuck man pizza is complicated in this city
they says we call back in 5 min to confirm if we dont call back
i dunno when our call ended
gotta do math and shit...

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also it is very cold
trhere is pizza, maybe delivery
let that fucker get cold
dont think it exists past 9
i dont eat bug
man i am so good at the cookies
according to cookies my life is so awesome
and who am i to question the cookies
btw its gonna be even more awesome
my next business venture will very profitable
i have that one on my dashboard
the cookies
also i have a cookies says Made in the USA
its not the back
because the back is learn to chinese and lucky numbers
maybe it means i will be involved in american manufacturing
i need a fortune cookie printer
really stick it to the voodoos with something like that

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fuck im hungry
all there is in this city is jack in the box
and bar food, but im like fucking going to a bar for overpriced appetizers
oh and the little mexican place in the corner of the liquor store i had lunch at
oh and sushi
i really like crunchy
i did a burrito for lunch
i did nachos like two days ago

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real mfkrs use chalula mixed with sharks blood for carrots
speaking of sharks: they eatin people
youre sating chalula is like pus or spiders?
sharks blood is prob really good
try it you might like it

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handle it
even bitch speakers go to 102!
i use 1000% at work a lot for years, heh
because audio, gotta be like 1% 10% 100% 1000%
else not really a big deal
you can do 3*10^n and also 5, but anything more is too close to 10

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haha so im at dnb on patio (shit i guess i am missing that tonight unless i leave like right now)
and like, where people are from come up and i ask the jew if im a jew and he explains why im not and black guy is all wait mexican and jew thats hot sec
and yells out OI VE AI PAPI a few times
everyone stops for 5 seconds and looks
half of everyone cracks up
macegr: movin on up
yeah we get fedex pretty quick
macegr: patience is a virtue!
thats when you know a company has arced over
its stops overnighting everything

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yeah these chips dont just wash up on beaches
people like, make them
doesnt look super complicated
guys i need to scam a bank to give me money to buy cool audio stuff
figure out the ??? profit part later
or maybe i could grow drugs
jubei sounds like some ninja shit
patapatpatpaptapptpa swoosh swoosh SCHING oi ve [endlife]

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