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cheater__: i just saw one
3d fractal with a lot of light effects, cool scan lines

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to really make any decent cables
you got the right crimper for the terminals, and its way easy
but theyre not great for flexible connections
nothing is, really
if you crimp them perfect, they do well, because they grab onto the insulation
so decent strain relief, but most of the time the crimp eats into the insulation a bit
and when you flex it alot, the insulations gets cut through and the wires will actually break against the strain relief crimp
you mean for idc?
if you got single row idc (rare), you can just use a big vice
thats all idc crimpers are
some of them look like bolt cutters, with pivoting vice jaws at the end
er, vise

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tecan: thats not idc
panel and usb are never idc
its just ribbon split into individual wires, with crimp on terminals slid into a box housing
the header is just a standard .1" spaced pin header
theyre not great for something flexed
you need expensive crimpers

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