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surfers keep going fuckit next weekend

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just plug a 120V blow dryer into a 240V outlet
the shit they got at line6 was seriously a converted black and decker toaster oven

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inittab: i dont think that keyboard has velocity or aftertouch
chiptune geeks in LA have a couple sound systems, think theres a monthly
there was
so we have this dsp processor at work for voicing prototypes
12ch of crown amp in same rack, its like, CMON GUYS LETS HAVE A PARTY
we sould just buy cheap replacement pro drivers and make speakers in the woodshop in a day
exjob was definitely more skilled at being loud

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and the delay time will be extremely limited at usable sample rates for music audio
its a shitty platform for modern dev, but they did more with way less in the 80s
no i mean because of the limited internal ram
tho yeah i guess on a big avr youd be okay
using 8b samples
hey 8b sounds pretty good tho, at full scale

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tecan: technically avr can do DSP, because its execution times aresuper predictable
but yeah, unless youre doing simple processing in ASM, youre not going to get much done
but like, summing, subtracting, divide by n^2, some have hardware multipliers
pretty straight forward, so you can do mixing, panning, volume control
filters and reverb/delay need larger buffers, and more processing, wont work out well unless you dedicate that uC to just doing that
blackmoon: AVR is likely as powerful as DSP processor chips from 20+ years ago

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