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yeah cats are weird
normal mixed cats
tho cow cats and tabby cats are super chill
yeah harold was always telling me shit i just had idea what
just needed to get her something else to scratch on
well, maybe

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i kind of want a bengal cat but maybe im not around enough
first 8 weeks is a big deal
my last cat we got when it was like prob 3 or 4 weeks
too little
but it worked out, we were super nice to harold and he was super friendly with everyone when he grew up
tho yeah i encouraged him to play rough
people would be like OMG DOES HE BITE and i told the truth, only if he really likes you
so it would have been bad if he ever got picked up by a shelter
he would have fucked them up and they would have just put him down
vets said he was the most unmanagable cat they had ever dealt with when wed leave him overnight
and wed be like, wtf harold?
secretly tho i was like, fuck yeah badass
because when he was younger he was outdoors a lot so i didnt want him to be a pussy

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well yeah but its not like you know
its like kids i guess
cat looks neat
sucks tho a lot of those places check to see if you place allows pets
dont think mine does
but like, cat
but yeah grey tabby are neat
and shes old so is probably already tabby crazy, so i know right away if shes cool or not
tabby kittens are always cool, then they grow up and go nuts or get sad
ive never paid for a cat
harold went to 11

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uh nice toothbrush handle?
want cat

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cats \o/

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that fucked up yo
you pasted that
technically you are spamming

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wtf sponge
fluxed brass coils and tinning paste ftmfw
i wipe of the spiky things we use to flux gel the smd shit in the brass coils
it refreshes them and everyone is like WHY IS THE BRASS COILS ALL CRAZY SMOKY
macegr: thats for sweat soldering radiators
then how are you opped
whatever can you fucking ban jigsaw_ already
prob by mask
mines changed a bunch last 6mo
annoys me in #cars
strictly childish and personal reasons

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jigsaw_: my camry engine is still more awesome than your camry engine

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`nico: yo
nothin much
prob going to try and crash NAMM tomorrow
take the 101 and stop by
or depending on days maybe i meet up with you
yeah thats a goal
some people i can call, maybe use one of theirs
it wont work to get in (theyre ID referenced and barcoded) but itll keep my from running away a lot once im in
well, for audio geeks its prob a lot more exciting than CES
yeah its not public
you can get guest passes easy enough through members, but i forgot to beg a month ago
`nico: theres about 3 or 4 areas, they check going in and out of each
also your trade shows prob aint that crazy relative to namm
its calmed down a lot since the 80s from what ive been told, but its still mostly a huge party
`nico: passive speakers with discrete crossovers after the amplifiers are dead
hes a #cars dork
always goin on about his camry

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haha http://gushh.net/tmp/arduinoshield.png
oh wtf jigsaw_

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