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i think im going to go to work and play with the digital crossover
just a few of the channels?

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PL2303 is mad pirated i think
and pirated well, too
gerp: get a dual atom board
lots of have parallel port on a header
then you just buy a parport pci card and use the panel mount parport cable dongle
throw away the pci card
what floppy hole
serial port drivers wont
dont use pci to parallel
use the header on the mobo
just use the panel mount ribbon connector that comes with the pci card
it goes in one of those pci slot panels
just throw away the pci card parport
you just want the dongle for the mobo header
the cards with the dongles are like $20 shipped
if youre driving an old cnc machine, then you need serial port
because thats how you lad the programs into their hardware controllers
but usb serial is fine for that

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this sucks, i paid market for my fav weed strain, and it was cut early and it wasnt completely dried, def not cured
maybe just go back to doing it my damn self
urmom is bad
shes my best customer
usb serial works really well
whats the one prolific chip?
pl2330 or something
the PL driver works all the time
and its basically all the super cheap converters

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DIP varients of all AVR helped a ton
but yeah AVR Studio is some sex compared to most embedded IDE solutions, 1st and 3rd party
also its asm is tight enough that its basically DSP capable, and wicked easy to program with compared to other platforms
yeah fuck all that
avr works for academic and professional applications
they just decided to not be dickish and the followed through
good documentation, too
everyone who bitches codes in c

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need to update my host
i think im done moving for awhile

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yo someone op me
inittab: make shit happen

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`nico: nice

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tekviper: you can buy new edge connectors pretty cheap, and it fixes that shit completely

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timecop: what do you mean thats it most stomp boxes only have one button

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kinda want to try
yeah hardnot to, rly
stomp buttons in the lower corners

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pizza so gooood

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omg 45m no pizza

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yeah fuck that place the pizza sucked

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uh yeah my shit included delivery fee
because wtf you dont go to pizza
you make a phone call and pizza just happens yo

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i got large well done mushroom pepperoni, bread sticks, two sprites, $25
everything here expensive
but sometimes you gotta be like fuckit, pizza
this good nyc stuff

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mfkr #electronics
also hi

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i just like getting big fat checks twice a month

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