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haha so the reason that people say the mdr-v6 and mdr-7506 are the same is because the part numbers are the same
but like, people also say one has neo one doesnt, easy to check if youre willing to ruin the headphones =(
but yeah i been listening to my 7506 for like almost 10 years, sound exactly like their rep
i listened to someone v6 at work, shit is either blown or just diff drivers
all mids, no real high end, same extended but unboosted bass, prob why they tack the FOR DIGITAL sticker on the side
anyway its sony
they could have 80 products with same part numbers, prob handle it like whatever, normal day
something smells on my desk i dunno what i wonder if something crawled into my keyboard and died
maybe thats where all the ants went
ew, 3 day old marinara dip

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rane ttm56 that i cant afford on its way \o/
because other hacker is always like HEY STUPID IF YOU WANT SOMETHING, GET IT
and i respect that guy
im prob going to take it apart
tho i replaced the tonearm ($60) on one of the sl1200 i got, and shit works great now
so i do the other (theres were the ones i got for like $150 and $200)
dude ordering the parts from panasonic was almost like buying shit from newegg
i should stock up in case the run out
tho i think the mk2 and mk5 are same tonarm so prob not an issue
hafor a speaker or what
yeah i guess the really really big companies got their shit together

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ask force in #cars about that
like, our own independently or each others
age of computers = switching from dominant to secondary hand

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