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i used to go to a peruvian resteraunt with a friend, i can prob get his number and ask
he was the one always used to make me get it, i see it around pretty often tho
yeah i like most of them if they arent too sweet

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and yeah clear glass
grape juice and soda usually suck
blows because i like grapes
some white grape juice tastes good

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oh well i try and remember next time i see it
its sweeter than most cream soda
kinda too much but i love how it tastes
its kind of yellow-orange, bottle is mostle clear except logo towards neck of the glass
but maybe is just the style of bottle because i see coke logos like that sometimes, too

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thelion: you ever have that soda kind of tastes like bubblegum?
forgot its name
no its either mexican or peruvian
its kinda like cream soda
trying to find pic
and i <3 jones apple
nope not that
cant find it

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usps is like WHY ARE WE NOT MAKING MONEY because you suck and are slow thats why
k nite

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i dont have a photo of the crosssection
no i dont drink lite bullshit
jarritos tamarindo is the best drink ever
like, it gives me a stupid smile like smoking too much weed
most stores in california stock bottled mexican coke
if its in a bottle its mexican
ive yet to see exceptions here
i wonder if we give them their bottled back
they reuse them in mexico
supposedly they sort the trash here
so using recycling bins is bad for peoples jobs
yes here is a word that means where you are
guys my mixer is just leaving florida

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fuck making bread you can buy it
im just explaining things to you that most of middle aged irc knows already
rootbeer is nasty
ginger ale and cream soda ftmfw
well its a shitt justification to act like an asshole
i think you just ruined the ginger ale
he prob means sliced sugarcane?
Reed's Extra Ginger Brew is the same recipe, but has 26 grams of fresh ginger root for a stronger bite.
best shit ever
fool there is no pasta-egg thing because its seperated by like 3/4" of seasoned beef
if you do the top right its super fluffy

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i used like one egg for a 9x13 baking sheet
why am i going to find you anything youre being a negative dick
lets find reza a pic so he can talk shit abaout everyone elses cooking
youre talking shit about something youve never tried and making statements like youre smoking rocks
well your one pic is jacked up
not at all
im not surprised because you seem to be rather big headed when it comes to your cooking
just a big illogical bitch at the moment
yeah well fuck your food i saw a nasty sandwich the other day so your cooking must be total shit reza
why the fuck you cooking nasty as sandwiches
my sandwiches are way better
i use like, bread made out of flour with most of the water evaporated out of the dough in a device that makes air very hot

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like egg/flour/butter/milk fluffy thing
i use nutmeg/ginger/cinnamon to season the beef
o and red pepper flakes
no salt or black pepper, tastes awesome
and thats all jacked up
its supposed to be like, noodle layer, beef layer, souffle layer
dont like lasagna either?
its greek beefaroni
youre fucking on crack
how the fuck would you suck the flavor out of beef with eggs, especially when its got mad ginger, red pepper, and nutmeg in it
youre basing your opinion one one image of it done wrong
the noodles and eggs arent even supposed to touch
and there isnt that much egg'

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i think im going to make pastitsio this weekend

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