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biggest gang in LA, the LAPD

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no NTE numbers
old shit is old
hes like, you go to the distributor and get a book with all of them im like ALL OF THEM hes like, yes
must have been neat to not have a thousand billion diff parts to choose from
things prob didnt rev as much

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the movie poster picture is creepy
does it have the oreo sandwich dip look?
there were so many of those at cerwin vega
shit was like a part museum
does it still work?
diff era
lower tolerance shit was less spiky
i was going to sat i dont know what that is, but then i remembered

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double d as in ddork
she was translucent white butterface into kiddies
iunno this is the valley, super suburban, its like embedded subculture
poulsen and mitnick are from the valley
also val kilmer
if he didnt do a hacker movie in the 80s, fuck the 80s
the last 30 minutes gets retarded tho
ha i didnt realize ferris buellers day off had a plot until i was like 13

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why are you explaining obvious things
if you got fired something wasnt right
leaving something wrong when youre employable isnt always bad
even a no name
there is work if you look and you got skills
whatever if someone else did all the work and she marketed it, she did something right
im not going to feel sorry for her
if she melts down ill feel sorry for her
been there, sucks
haha when i was taking a c class
this 'hacker' was trying to impress this girl hes like IM DOUBLE D
and unrolls a datasheet front page for some 74 series shit
and im like 'so youre a two bit latch?' and he was not so smiley after

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why are you sorry
shes not stupid and she has a vagina, and shes leaving something that didnt work out
even if she doesnt, she can get another job
if shes awesome, shes doesnt
usually when youre fired, things are working out
and when youre fired, you leave
stop being so non-literal
things are not working out
i rabbed
i felt better the moment of losing a job, then the moment of leaving a job
it wore off both times tho
i like how the colons line up when i do that

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valve doesnt make hardware
theres only one industry that works passionate employees harder than audio, its gaming
because there are no leadtimes
your leadtimes are the laziness of your programmers and qa testers
who would all kill their moms to keep their jobs
what they dont make money?
theyre a charity?
she tweeted
just google news
anyway, wtf are the chances that a software companies does their first project right
she was an impulse hire
prob someone had a crush, but shit prob got all fucked up and no idea how she is at dfm and manufacturing support type shit

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poytre: sure
macegr: is she going to hunt down all the EE and shoot them now?
she has an army
Per the interview, it was obvious that Ellsworth hadn't had any plans to leave the company, having stated that her team has a one-year goal for creating the controller, among other things.
yes it was obvious, because everyone tells the press when they are looking for new jobs or having issues with the boss peoples

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i kinda like doing smd IC
its the endless soldering of tiny passives that drives me nuts
haha wait you have to register to buy FCFS burning man tickets?

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blackmoon: you have a hot air rework stations?
well, and a microscope
yeah i guess its mostly the microscope that makes smd easy
heh, the emc place in the santa monica mountains is totally a converted house

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oh theyll do shop for your whole BOM
what they want is for you to agree to one cost per unit, regardless of their BOM cost
basically they pay for everything, except you
er, instead of you
then you pay for your thing
thats when they start switching parts without asking
thats what got *everyone* in bed with china
you send your design and BOM, you multiple a unit cost by number of units, and youre done
of course it never ever works out like that
for personal shit, tho, i cant afford made in the usa pcba wtf

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thats the actual fortune, the back is lucky numbers and learn to chinese
so yeah, cookie is always right, so i will make things here
local is usually pricey but leadtimes and quick shipping, sometimes it works out
you basically have to be in a jam
its like they make their living off companies fucking up schedules and being in a hurry

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dropped r&d resources, picked up tons of middle managers in the process, cant make any kind of decisions quickly
and when they finally do, its going to take towards a decade to undo it
but medium companies take forever to die completely
its going to come back
its going to be really, really sad getting there
but eventually asian standard of living wont be affordable, and they wont tolerate doing the work
western economy will continue to erode
and eventually if you want to manufacture stuff, youll have no choice but to do it here
except no skilled trade labor anymore, and all the machines gone
i have a fortune from cookie in my wallet, says Made in the USA

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you need an office over there, and almost as big a manufacturing team as your r&d team
behringer was the first to use CM
they got fucked, but their rep takes the hit
now they have their own factories, and a 3% worker turnover rate, monthly or something
other factories its something ridiculous like 25%
so now theyre doing it right
have one of the lowest return rates
still have a bad rep because they ship soooo much product, their shit just ends up on repair benches more
(also theyre notorious for copying UI and ID)
but now *everyone* uses the CMs they ran from
the same ones, and everyone else is getting fucked the same way, and now everyone elses shit sucks
but behringer still sucks
yeah but medium companies cant change direction so fast
takes towards a decade
huge companies can do whatever they want
they just decide and blow all the money and in 6 months theyre doing shit diff
small companies make decisions faster, and theyll change in a year or so because if they dont theyll die
medium companies spend almost a decade investing in making it work right

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so one batch to the next wont look the same, ive seen the diff leadframe thing
you can tell in the seem right where it goes into the mold
and where they stick out the sides where they cut them
but yeah thats why you need to tell digikey if you cant read the batch code
because ST will want to know and people will get bitched out
just takes on QA manager and one bad day
i think factories making shit like that just bin shit and companies just buy a range of bins
yeah that happens, if theyre china fabbed, its expected
QA operators get bitched out if they reject too many
so after rejecting a bunch, suddenly everything passes
you have to camp there
its not enough to check in, they change staff too often
its not cost effective, to use CM in china and gaurantee quality

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good commodity IC, good microcontrollers, awesome chipamps
they pretty much own the AB chipamp market
almost no one uses natsemi anymore
check the PSRR
pretty easy to do, one of the only things the seperates reg from pricey linear vreg
i bet protection and general reg works fine regardless
yeah i wouldnt use shit like that on production stuff
if you cant read batch codes shit might as well be fake
i would def tell digikey, dont even tell them you tested them, just say we wont use them because they look fake
oh they were both supposedly ST?
yeah weird
but it could totally just be a diff fab
fuck shit like that they maybe just farm out

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air core loosely wound shit you can prob run until it glows white
i think solder melts between 300C and 400C?
i guess were just impatient
beware: the other issue with solder, on dense pcb you dont want it to roll off and short shit out
welcome to mass production manufacturing for the international market
you guys build shit for export yet?
it might have just been a really bad day
i like ST shit

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i dont think he has stock
hes just testing a psu
not 50%
its pretty much a max temp based rating
the wattage rating assumes youre at room temp
its pretty much instantaneous wattage if your shit is inside a small enclosure
i use 100C spit test
awesome for IC and semiconductors
yeah shit is already melted inside
some resistors will handle it
but theyre like, built into heatsinks and made out of high temp composite stuff
and when you read the fine print, theyll only do rated wattage on a big plate of aluminum, at room temp
capacitors wont
inductors can handle up to 200C depending on the enamel and core winding

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dont arrange them all pretty side by side, you need to space them out
because when theyre close, the operating temperature of one is the ambient temperature of the ones next to it
and things above room temp are derated, up until their max temp when the rating is 0W
just buy some shit from allelectronics
if you do them so theyre lined up end to end, like .5" apart, maybe youll be okay

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do not understand
and its just held in mechanically somehow, my guess is its potentially an intermittent connection
they break off where they go into the bo when you twist them, usually
hey those things will flare up, watch out
they dont seem to stay lit, but when they go theyll burn up a PCB and melt fiberglass like whatever
how big is it
i think 10W were like 0.5" x 2"
oh yeah thats maybe 5w, maybe less
and you cant stack them

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i guess you could cal with any probe, but their specs assume youre using their probes
i dunno you tell us
mexican sand resistor?
its like a little ceramic box with cement stuff poured in
the stuff poured in
dunno what the resistive material is from
but it seems like fine concrete
do they all do that?

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we had the tweezers at exjob, awesome for checking small piles of 0402
actually i should buy that for newlab
i dont think it had insulated bananas jacks
and for an lcr youre better of using their probes

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thelion: this lab and exlab had bk precision LCR, seem to work fine
that guy

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they took the jtag header off new proto build because it took too much space
so now i gotta wire them into test points for them

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ircing from a big fat computer

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