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i think the tip radius of the blade would have to be like large than the galaxy
ultraperpendicular, so to speak
to the centerplane of the blade
then omg sharp again
i can make diagrams you will understand
and when i say galaxy i mean universe because drugs

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i just broke a chinaplastic knife handle on cheese
the blade flipped back and tried to stab me =(
this shit happened like 10" from my eyes and 12" from my dick
im not
what if china blade fliped through my clothes into my dick
what if its so dull that it overflows and becomes sharp again
shit breaks all the time

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they will prob know most
more local

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omg makerbots everywhere
see this is why we keep him around, he makes good points
well, once every couple years
this place is pretty cool ^
used it?
shit came out super pro
dont you have china factory hookups

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`nico: i would just ask about a hard line

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when is that shit
i need to save money for that shit
haha yeah thats right
always on moms bday
all blew limited funds on girls in gasmask art book
and beer i traded a band for accordian girls pinup calendar
i think so
i got out we were both half asleep
early because long drive
because teslas and motorjunk
and so many people using cell networks, towers all jammed up
thats normal for most big festivals

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arch was pretty cool
i put it on the 4g
xubuntu > stock ubuntu (xfce default, who knows if its still around)
is slack still active?
tekrad: neat
pretty cool
to close to la
lots of gas
fuck no
i go there all the time =\

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yeah im worried about the stuff that has universal appeal

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then few days ago, guys knocks on my door, i open it hes like OH SHIT WRONG DOOR
but yeah theres another part of the apartment looks almost exactly like ours
so i dunno, bets on weather i get robbed or raided?
i got $5 on raided because it would be funnier

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im like, bitch, those are the only ones i worry about
all by yourself
because thats a 4 year project for one person
im going to break into goleta usps and get my ecig
i prob should not say this on the internets
package tracking = frustrating
so weird there was a guy taking picture of girl upstairs and my little stair landing entryway
they are prob breaking in for me right now
i see him when im coming home, he walks down the street, never looks back

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no thats just a java text dump page
you didnt do the 1 billion twitterers thing
lots iof people had those
it was usually limited multiplayer
everybody can textdump
but it didnt sort and crosslink and all that other shit
so you would type shit in with repeat timers?
this crashed all the things didnt it
multiplayer nag would be a very bad thing
so you basically were trying to creat hal
im good at carrot
i dont like how google handled tasks
for some reason you cant repeat them
i hack it by changing colors but for some reason android doesnt know i changed the colors
you cant have repeating tasks

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whatever man, you have a rate and youre expected for so many hours
nothing is more hax than white on translucent black
yeah an image takes too much resource
fuckit man white on black
i use that hellfire irssi theme
my win7 background at home is still some stock microsoft squid image
centered, with a huge black border
this install is like, 2 years overdue for a reinstall

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haha, its funny end of the day im all like GO HOME TIME \o/
then im at home a couple hours and i want to go back to work =\
because like bosses boss is into the look right
so im like, well lets make a 4u engraved breakout panel for the rack dsp and amps and to mount the measurement hardware and mic pres
naw man i do my own laundry
macegr: which eee?
i have an 800x480 one =\
maybe its 1024x600?
yeah then mines 800x480 with the 7" screen
and soldered SSD

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soldering iron vap?
because lead fumes or whatever impurities are in the elements are great for you
you see those downtown, vap bros knockoffs, sell for like 1/5 normal retail
meanwhile, vap bros has converted to some crystal based element
thank god
their diagram is a bit misleading them
You might be thinking , couldn't I use an E cigarette? Well, probably not, they don't get hot enough.
everyone vapes wax in ecigs now
i imagine you could just stuff herb in one
i should try i got some bridgeless drip atomizers

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get a dock
nice, my ecig gear is in goleta
will arive tomorrow
order the shit on sunday and fuckers didnt ship until wednesday
wtf is a weed hack

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fuckin order shit on sunday they dont ship it out until wed

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blackmoon: in parallel or series with the batteries?
heh awesome
series would have prob blown the walkman up
i feel less
its always dried out when i find exploded batteries
i usually just throw away the device
no these are alkaline, its just old
what are carbon zinc?

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blackmoon: spiky
blackmoon: were getting a magnetizer, heh

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