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er, sry, caps

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ya because no smoke no ashes everywhere
can smell again
cigs taste bad again
i quit before smoking good ecigs, but when i was traveling a lot i would run out of juice
and then start smoking so was like fuckit
but this time im making my own juice, have tons
_readerro: i got a drip-o-mizer 510 atty, doesnt have a normal bridge, dont know if theres a wick
has a kinf of flat heating plate with some holes in it, and you can see the coil under around the edge
and some ceramic drip tips
i want to get some ego twists
im just going to smoke unflavored juice for a few weeks tho, see if the tanks like the 50/50 blend
holy shit trying to suck up vegatable glycerin through a 14ga needle is like a fucked up joke, my syringe almost imploded

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so like, way cheaper mixing
instead of $1/ml for decent juice, is more like $.20
just on a little batch
gonna start buying gallons of this shit (!)
also i get to use blue dye sulfuric acid to test nicotine mg/ml level
chemistry in the kitchen, omg fun
*blue dye and sulfuric acid

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i got 1000mAH ego-c couple days ago
and bought 30ml of 100mg/ml juice, knocked it down to 30mg PG, VG, and 50/50, like 30ml of each
been smoking 24mg unflavored i mixed all day, im maybe like fuck using the flavors i got
50/50 seems to work okay in the ego tanks
ecgo-c batts have blue and white LEDs, white 50% to full, cyan 10-50%, blue >10%
thats huge progress
still have the 5 click button lock thing

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thats good
should teach kids to swim before they learn to walk well

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kinda designing shit backwards
but thats actually how marketing does feature driven product design, so meh
download winisd and play with it
use it to select a driver with the right Qts
next time select the woofer, then get the box after
right Qts and fs
those specs are whats going to make one driver fit and another not fit
alternatively read through subwoofer drivers, for what you are considering buying
and look at their suggested cabinet designs
and get something with a suggestion close to your box

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spybert: you cant really fix most speaker deficiencies with DSP
frequency response is about the only thing
_unreal_: question?

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