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dj hype in mere hours

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even if it does, might not be dried the same
hardware coule be diff
paint could be diff
all adds up
i have a less paul body that feels like balsa wood
engineering sample, wood was just way dryer
i loved it, but we couldnt sell that shit
prs guitars are like between a strat and a les paul
spent like 6 weeks in the factory were PRS SE are made =)

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i think both are pretty ugly
and the wiring on les paul pickups is annoying
the jazz bass does dual volume pots better

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the patent is prob 40 years expired by now
then they never got it
PAF is an old pickup type
The strange name (PAF) of the pickup was not intentional. Gibson and Seth Lover first filed a patent on the design on June 22, 1955. After that, Gibson Les Pauls were equipped with these new pickups, with a sticker on a bottom plate of a pickup that said Patent Applied For.
its a type of humbucker pickup
PAF is the nickname

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if not i would just have to ask
i should

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yeah bullshit, 96khz 24b card and any decent measurement mic, even a DIY electret mic, are prob fine
48khz card is prob fine
manufacturer, cert comes with the mic
tho you can prob find a lab to do it
or if you have a mic you know is flat, use that to calibrate a speaker, and use the speaker to cal other mics
yeah so it only needs to be like 60 to 5000hz
most guitar amps wont produce that high
yeah iunno i would just use a 20-20k 1/3 octave

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id be interested in seeing their lab
that was prob first gen synth rubber
prob a few
dayton audio is their house brand
its decent shit
RTA arent to hard to do
again, its prob not a B&K, but theyre prob decent most of the audio spectrum

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she can just flip around and fuck you up with the other leg
in slow motion
rubber stuff is usuallu okay
foam stuff goes to shit
but the solid rubber stuff is usually fine
doped fabric is fine if it isnt totally dried out
the foam oxidizes
yeah they prob got enough parts they can recone almost anything

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also look on parts express
lots of passive radiators
prob not
it should be tuned lower, so either its heavier or floppier
if its floppier i dont think it has to be same area, more excursion
nurfnorf: pretty neat if its reliable
with her feet of course
CV had something like that
you could bias the suspension and set stiffness with a spider on a rod
another company has slugs you can put in the pole that adjusts Bl

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it just speaker without a motor
no coil
maybe a former and a spider
the vent holes are for a passive radiator, not the electronics
because i know things
also look in the marketing, it says bass radiator
i have done that

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dj hype is tonight
not tomorrow night
its good that i check these things
english pls?
and fuck that i need to score some herbs
i got like 2 tanks filled
and like 4ml of 50/50 24mg/ml mixed
but your right i should maybe top everything off
because party (yay)
yes i do
not so much
we have drums in the lab but only one guy plays them
wtf is drone cone
passive radiator?
prob any factory

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