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macegr: changable tips are good enough tho!

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newjob has shit that is like SLA quality
i think a little under .001" layers
its basically an inkjet printer with UV setting ink
both exjobs had FDM machines, like .010 was best resolution, wasnt super pretty
i think FDM stuff is going to get way better tho
eventually builds with tiny filament deposits

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this in the hands of a small chinese worker girl can revolutionize mechanical assembly rework
why retool? just have her draw the new boss onto the chassis

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oh cool i missed that link
the work was knocked off the tray, so the extruder was just pushing the wire into air
see obviously you dont work in mass production

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we would use that at work
hell just the strain relief and insulation applications alone
fuck i bet the ID guys would use two at once
dual wielding and shit
it would be rude to agree, but the urge is there
it would half to go pretty fast tho
or maybe not, gluegun is fast but you have to wait for it to dry

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oh neat, precision gluegun
normal gluegun in a freezer might be interesting
it looks like an e-cigar or some shit
cool instandly, its pretty much a handheld FDM if it works right
already takes too long to heat up
you can prob get tiny diameter glue guns too
we have some badass glue applicators, uses standard syring tips, has foot switches, runs off of regulated compressed air
why, thats a pretty neat idea

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black people from your planet must have strange cocks
its a fume extractor?
they put the heating element on the outside of the tip?

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mr choo seems to be a storm trooper http://www.dannychoo.com/post/en/25834/Japanese+High+School+Photos.html
tho you are right possible its the desk of one of his storm trooper friends

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this says he works at microsoft
it belongs to a storm trooper

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thats your room?
where you going with this?
thats my fate?
those shelves are kinda cool
and wtf at the lighting, gotta like wear sunglasses at your desk
yeah im kinda tripping on how thats prob 4 diff macs

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and then
welcome to irc
i learned more lunix from a social channel on freenode than any of the distro channels

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be cool if medical gear was all rack mounted in big flight racks
then i would feel like dr was up to something srs
no like, slammed into 19" rack cabinets with #10-32 screws
you could tell good dr from bad dr by his mounting screws
if shit is stainless with pristine heads, your dr is legit
if the shit is held in with black oxide or black chrome screws with stripped out heads, dr doesnt give a fuck
neat foot switches
those look more awesome than guitar stomps and keyboard pedals

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haha, also its prob not as big a deal to sell a medical device that looks like other medical devices
i wonder if there is a medical gear equivalent of behringer
maybe all of pakistan
right because white box in a white room used by a white guy
isnt that phillips mini defib like bright blue or some shit
that looks like some sort of rework box

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`nico: look of a product is prob 100x more impact on buying desicions in home audio versus medical
right but in the end its a white box in a white room
and just the fact that ergonomics and usability are huge factors makes your situation more grounded in reality
yeah well when timecop starts posting trollish medical gear adverts i might think that ID is more ridiculous in medical

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industrial design
or 'the look'
i dont know why they call it industrial, it's more anti-industrial, as typically the ID models are as far from manufacturable as possible
which is sad as the 3d modelers ID contractors use are usually mechanical engineers
worst case was something that was totally unmanufacturable, and when this was noted the response was 'I KNOW BUT IT LOOKS SO COOL!'
you prob pay between $20k and $200k for ID company services
honestly it sounds like everyone in this industry does
the ones we are working with now seems a bit more sane

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except when i see it at work
the ID molded plastic ends
*ID of the
the cheap gold plating
anyway, if it was just expensive it would just be undesirable

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are you kidding?
half of their products this year could completely fine and theyd prob still turn a profit
*completely flop
what does nintendo do besides game systems?
also i dig samsung
i maybe have nothing sony now
but yeah id hardly call biggest consumer electronics megacorp ever a failure
macegr: ty ill take reputable shit, im not trying to give them money
altho i do like the ID on the beats beatbox portable
everything monster is funny

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